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President Noy’s Indifference when it comes to Sabah?

Hassanal Bolkiah 2002
Hassanal Bolkiah 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, it is quite understandable that Sultan Bolkiah of Brunei’s state visit to the Philippines is for discussions over the ASEAN Summit where Brunei is the host country; but if the President is really concerned about the Sabah conflict, he will take the initiative to insert in the agenda the Sabah issue – even just to get the side of the Sultan of Brunei, since they originally owned the ancestral domain – and their royal ancestors were the ones bestowing it to the Sultanate of Sulu. What is he trying to prove for not lifting a finger over it – and instead just lifting an eyebrow? This is definitely a missed opportunity as per this news:

Sabah, sea row not on Noy-Bolkiah agenda

By: Aurea Calica

MANILA, Philippines – President Aquino is not likely to raise the issues of Sabah and the West Philippine Sea with Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei during his two-day state visit, Malacañang said yesterday. Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda flatly said “no” when asked whether Sabah would be discussed with Bolkiah.

We can surely feel the sentiments of Sultan Jamalul Kiram’s people – asking what kind of President do we have who will just give a cold shoulder when many Filipinos are already slaughtered in Sabah – plus the sufferings of the regular deportees who will remain homeless whether they are in Sabah or in the neighboring islands of the Philippines. Mr. President, where is your heart?

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Healthy Sleeping Positions


By: Gene Carla Chua

New Sleep Position
New Sleep Position (Photo credit: Der Bettler)

Are your roommates complaining about your loud snoring? Do you ever wake up with a pain in the neck and/ or back? Are you suffering from acid reflux – a condition in which gastric acid is regurgitated? Well, correcting your sleeping position could help in minimizing these problems – but before we talk about the best sleeping position for your condition, let us talk about the worst ones.

According to the research published on WebMD, sleeping on your stomach is the worst position when you are sleeping. This position will cause neck and/ or back pain. When you are in this position, it is hard for your spine to maintain a normal or neutral position. This pose will also put a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles, which will irritate nerves and eventually will lead to pain, tingling, and even numbness. You can think about it this way; when you turn your head to one side for about fifteen minutes or more, you will begin to feel the soreness on your neck.

Now, sleeping on your stomach has the same effect, the only difference is you could be in this position for more or less eight hours (average sleeping time). This pose may cause your back and neck some pain, but if you snore – it’s a different story. This might even be good for you. Sleeping face down will keep your airways open. So, if you don’t suffer from neck and back pain – it is fine sleeping on your belly.

This is the second worse sleeping position; the fetal position. When we were young and developing inside our mother’s uterus – we were in this position, but now that we are sleeping in beds, this is not the best idea for a good night sleep. When you snooze with your knees pulled up high and chin tucked into your chest, you may feel it in the morning, especially if you have an arthritic back or joints. This pose is also bad for your neck and back – but this is something to consider if you need to minimize your snoring.

On to the good sleeping positions – first is the side position. This pose will help with your overall health. This will cause you, minimal snoring, without neck and/ or back pain, and if you suffer from acid reflux, this position will be comfortable. This position will keep your spine elongated and that means comfortable sleeping. Plus, if you are pregnant – sleeping on your left side is ideal because this promotes good blood flow. Well, everything has a down side right? This will cause you some wrinkles – from all of that smashing your face on your pillow.

Another good sleeping position is sleeping on your back. This position will prevent neck and/ or back pain, reduces acid reflux, minimizing wrinkles and maintains perky breasts. Sleeping on your back makes it easy for your head, neck, and spine to maintain a comfortable or neutral position. You are not causing any extra and unwanted curves on your back. This reduces acid reflux, since the head will be elevated from the stomach, which means your esophagus is below, so acid or food cannot come back up. Wrinkles would also be minimized since there is no friction between your pillow and your face – plus, the weight of your breasts is fully supported thus reducing sagginess. The only downside is – your snoring issues will continue.

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Philippine’s Possible Involvement on North Korean Crisis

Philippine Minister of National Defense Angelo...
Philippine Minister of National Defense Angelo Reyes (right, far-side) meets with Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld (left foreground) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Richard B. Myers (right foreground), U.S. Air Force, in the Pentagon on Aug. 12, 2002. Ambassador to the United States Albert Del Rosario joined Reyes in the talks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Philippines, as an ally of the United States, is expected to give full support to the latter if the U.S. is attacked by North Korea as per its threat. One major aspect that is being eyed for are the previous military bases once used by the Americans on Philippine territories for decades.  Yes, by all means – they are permitted to once again put those bases back to its warfare readiness as deemed appropriate according to this news:

Philippines offers US its military bases in case of North Korea war

By: Agence France-Presse

Manila: The US would be allowed to station forces at military bases in the Philippines if it went to war with North Korea, Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said Saturday citing a treaty between the allies. “Our mutual defence treaty calls for joint action if either the Philippines or the United States is attacked,” del Rosario said in comments sent to AFP at a time of heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The move is expected to be beneficial for both countries – for the U.S. to have strategic locations for their bases and for the Philippines to strengthen its military capabilities – that is so timely with the constant trespassing of Chinese vessels on prohibited sea lines and hopefully for the Malaysians to stop their alleged human rights violations to Filipinos living in Sabah.


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Ungrateful Children Need Honesty

120712-F-VY627- (Photo credit: AirmanMagazine)

Have you wondered why your children became ungrateful? Parents always want the best for their children – but what happens when your best is not  good enough? Will you be working more to meet the demands of your family or will you take some time to have decent conversations with your children? Know the implications of your actions by reading this article from the expert:

Raising Ungrateful Children

By: Stef Daniel

How many times have you said this about your children? You know the drill, you work extra hours at work to afford them something they really want. When you finally give it to them, they are happy and excited. Two weeks later, the I-pod or the Four Wheeler is sitting outside about to get rained all over. And when you ask your child to go and put it up, they respond with an arrogant, irritated, and disrespectful grunt that rattles you to your soul.

Children might not understand it yet when they are growing up why you seem to treat them as your friends than offspring – but in due time, they will realize on their own that knowing life every step of the way is what makes them stronger, responsible and independent as an adult during the  present time. You might go through series of hurtful back-biting actions from your loved ones – but you will be pleased with the end results. You are successful in raising up model citizens of the world – with more love and experience to share to others!



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Family Malfunction?

MAGSAYSAY’s Shrine (Photo credit: coolnumber9)

It may be true that there are crime syndicates masterminding the abduction of children in Manila for some gruesome reasons – but they will not be that successful if some Filipinos have not lost their family values. Yes, we can blame it to poverty but note that, it happens because of our own doings! Why make more babies when you can’t even take care of one? The RH bill was passed to educate people on family planning methods but a major religious group took it as anti Christ and senators who voted for this policy have been named Team Patay or Death Team! We’ll this case is a solid proof of ignorance despite living during the computer era:

Good Samaritans return lost QC boy


John Gabriel was the latest on the growing list of young children who had been reported missing—some allegedly abducted—in the metropolis over the past few weeks, prompting speculations that a human trafficking or an “organ-harvesting” syndicate was prowling the streets. Police have allayed such fears but nevertheless formed Task Force Sagip Angel to intensify the search and look for any pattern.

Prior to this, another young boy was found dead after disappearing for more than 2 weeks just beneath the creek of the nearby property. At 4 years old, he could have easily fall off from the elevated land down to the bottom of the creek fracturing his skull. Now, after discovering the decomposing body separated from its extremities by neighbors, his aunt who happened to burn the trash near the location – was suspected by some of the family members to have something to do with the killing. When will we realize that it is a clear sign of ailing parental abilities instead of looking for someone to blame for our misfortunes?. It is a huge social problem when there are parents who have no choice but to leave their fragile offspring in the care of aging grand parents that cannot cope with the energy of the child – thus leaving him prone to accidents!

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