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Happiness – the Best Measure of Success


By: Gynn Flores


HappinessAre you happy?

How happy are you now?

How much has your Company earned this quarter?

Which question is more significant to you? If you are more concerned about the latter, then one can guess that the answer to the former is not going to be a very positive one.

With this in mind, I was happy to know that the Bhutanese have introduced a Minister for Happiness – yes indeed, a happiness minister.

This kingdom in the Himalayas has a new measurement of national prosperity – “gross national happiness”. By focusing on people’s welfare rather than economic productivity, there is likely to be a knock-on effect for business. After all, a happy workforce makes for a more successful and productive team. They become more creative, focused and inspired with what they do. It makes them inspired to perform well in their jobs.

Success and money can definitely contribute to happiness, but happiness itself is another thing altogether. Words like ‘family’, ‘friends’, ‘love’ and ‘laughter’ have a lot more to do with happiness than words like ‘gross’, ‘capital’, returns and ‘revenue’.

Money is said to be a by-product of bigger, more meaningful goals such as passion, fun and wisdom. I can say, have fun, do good, and the money will come. It is once said that it is the little things that make us happy, money only creates a scenario conducive to happiness.

Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from the Bhutanese and their Minister for Happiness. What other measurements for success are important to you? To the breadwinners, it is the capacity to provide for their family. For the businessman, it is the capacity to earn as projected or better yet, exceed the projections. Regardless of your purpose, happiness comes when you are able to achieve your goals. It gives you a sense of achievement and success. It is like rewards for your best efforts or some like to say the fruits of your own labor.
People have different expectations and in reality it is hard to give a measure to happiness. Regardless of your standards, your total well-being is what is important. Having achieved your goals – be it in business or employment, can make you able to sustain not only your needs but also your wants. Good health should be on top of the list followed by a comfortable home, good nourishment and finally the extras that you desire to have like holidays, gadgets, jewelries, novelty items to name a few.
Having achieved happiness, expect to hear laughter, contentment and a relaxed way of life. This is the life we all should struggle to achieve. It will free us from stress which is the source of most dreaded diseases. This may sound so simple but the reality is, it is s sort of prevention for the negative things to happen like worries, stress, anxiety and unhappiness. If everybody achieves this, we will all live happily wherever we may be. Initiate the effort and be happy.

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Home-based Moms’ Best Tips to Stay Slim and Fit


By: Gemma Lagasca


Fit MomsBeing a Mom is a tough job. Once you get married and started to have a baby, you will have to commit your life to performing motherhood responsibilities – at the same time a good wife to your husband every day at 24/7 rate if possible. Imagine if you have 2 or 3 kids in a row – it will definitely be a hectic life-crossing situation. But since we are all different, then it’s up to you how you would like to balance being a mother and loving partner to your husband.
Gaining extra pounds is the top problem of stay-at-home moms. However, don’t allow this to happen – instead, be determined to shed-off those extra pounds through practical means. It is important to opt for the natural way to keep your body fit for the welfare of your family. Stay away from quick fixes especially when chemical-based diet or supplements are involved. Home-based moms can maximize the resources at home with proper planning and determination. Note the 3 best points before you proceed with following the proper diet instructions.

  1. Learn more about calorie counts. Calorie intake is the primary factor to control before you begin a diet plan. The main reason why you need to do this is to be able to keep record on what you put inside your body. So, if you know how to slash and burn the calories you have taken in a day, you will have an idea how much work out is neeaded regularly to eliminate those extra pounds that are normally retained inside the body for a lifetime – if you don’t do anything about it.
  2. Determine the required caloric demand you need. For a female with normal height and weight, you need to reduce to up to 1,500 up to 1,600 calories a day. The standard number should be based on the individual’s actual height, weight, age and physical routine.
  3. Know how to calculate your Count Base Metabolic Rate. Here is the formula:
  • Get your weight in pounds and then multiply by 4.3
  • Take your age and then multiply by 4.7
  • Get the total of 655 + (height + weight)
  • The sum of # 3 step should then be subtracted to your age to get your BMR (Base Metabolic Rate)

Sample Computation of a 40 year old woman:

Height: 5feet
Weight: 140 lbs.
Age: 40
(4.3 x 140 lbs) + (4.7×60 inches) +655-(4.7 x40) =1,351

Now it’s time to create a new diet plan. Here are some basic and natural steps to stay away from adding inches to your waist:

  • Wear aerobics clothes at home. This way, you will be in the mood to exercise harder while doing your daily chores.
  • Nap, relax and get enough sleep.
  • Eat your supper earlier than usual and please avoid having midnight snacks.
  • Never finish your kid’s left over foods.
  • Don’t forget to eat your breakfast every day and then eat small but frequent amount of foods within the day.
  • Eliminate those oily and fried comforting foods. Instead go for grilled, steamed and boiled preparations.
  • Take advantage of using the stairs as a form of your daily exercise.
  • While the kids are in school or having a nap, do shadow boxing, jumping rope or treadmill for 20 minutes.
  • Enroll in an aerobics class near your area and make it a point to attend when all your kids are in school.

May all these important tips will help stay-home moms to be pro-active. Our home is our sanctuary. All members of the family will be happier if everyone is fit and contented. If you know how to take good care of your health, you will feel good and you can give the best care for your loved ones.

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Hair Myths and Facts Affecting Your Health


By: Gemma Lagasca


Does hair tells that you’re healthy? There are different kinds of health problems that may affect your hair—hair loss is one example of a medical side effect. However, there are some myths and facts affecting your health and your hair. Continue reading this article to know these things:

  1. Daily hair shedding is normal. Hair shedding is not an evidence of being unhealthy. Our hair usually goes through three phases—shedding, resting and growing. According to WebMD’s researchers, the estimated amount of hair for normal shedding per day is up to 100 strands. The 90% of hair follicles are bringing forth new hair anytime and the remaining10% are in telogen phase or resting phase. It means that the new hair will grow back in a certain period of time.
  2. Low immune system is not related to hair follicle damage. The hair damage manifested by abnormal hair fall is medically known as alopecia areata. This problem can exist when an unusual attack to your system happens when undergoing surgery, medications, stress, thyroid problems and when giving birth. Some people may experience this over and over again but the hair normally grows back naturally.
  3. White flakes do not create health risk. Even doctors are not sure about the dandruff’s root cause or origin. But base on the theory, dandruff is caused by overgrowth of fungus. The sources of these funguses include stress, obesity, oily skin, dry or cold weather and when suffering from psoriasis or eczema. Consequently, the intense itch is definitely irritable—but dandruff is not infectious. Try to use antidandruff shampoo to treat or control the continuous production of white flakes.

  4. Male and female pattern baldness. Baldness is 90% caused by genes especially for men. This problem is more influenced by your mother’s bloodline than your father’s. For women, the usual hair loss is not concentrating in one portion—it is more on thinning hair all over the head. So women rarely experience baldness compared to men. According to the old belief, long hair can cause hair fall because the nutrients cannot sustain it whereas some people believe that a brand of shampoo can cause hair loss—unfortunately these were all myths. Try treating your hair with Minoxidil to prevent it from thinning and it may also help the hair to grow again.
  5. Unhealthy diet brings unhealthy hair. Of course, unhealthy foods will not sustain your hair and body needs. So enrich your body with hearty or healthy diet. Include salmon, walnuts, spinach, carrots, oysters and cashews in your daily diet. These foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and zinc to keep your hair shiny.
  6. Over-styling can damage hair. Too much styling like colouring, bleaching, straitening, blow-drying and ironing can cause hair damage. The hair will become dull and dry—but this hair problem does not indicate permanent health damage.
  7. Scalp massage improves scalp condition. Although there is no concrete proof that scalp massage will help avoid or slower hair loss—but it can relieve stress. Massage will help improve the blood flow in the nerve and triggers the production of good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

There you go – you should know by now if there’s anything you can do with your hair problems – if you have any!

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How Texting Affects the Body


By: Gene Carla Chua


TextingOther than calling, texting is the way most us use to communicate within long distances. Most, if not all teenagers these days send text messages every single day. Recent studies show that texting may be causing pain in the neck and shoulders. This injury commonly affects office workers who work long hours typing with the computer. The way the body is positioned while texting is a lot similar to a person’s posture while typing: unmoving shoulders, and fast moving fingers. Adults who have spent years in front of a computer are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and tendonitis. These injuries/diseases may be caused by their long hours of typing. Doctors and researchers are worried that the younger generation may be prone to the same diseases/injuries or even worse.

Other research in the UK shows that a certain part of the brain called ratio communis stops working or slows down when we are texting. The American College of Emergency Physicians has gone as far as issuing a warning not to text while doing another activity. They tell us to just simply stop texting, because who would want the ratio communis or any part of their brain stop working right? We all agree that we should not text and drive, because they say that it is just bad, if not worse than drunk driving, but how can this stop a part of the brain from working? Well, researchers have not found an answer to that yet, but they say that it is unlikely, since they cannot find anything that can logically explain why this phenomenon is happening. Though answers are not coming, scientists are still conducting brain scans to find the cause of ratio communis manifestations from blinking to darkened vision.

Most teachers can agree that texting is a really big distraction to students, but according to a new study, it is a brain altering habit. Researchers say that it teaches children to be “speedy, but sloppy”. They blame this to what we call auto- correct. Auto- correct helps you construct your words faster. The phone figures out what you are typing with just a few keystrokes. Scientists say that this may be causing a child’s brain to be more and more careless. Young people who are heavy cellphone users are more inaccurate in tasks involving memorization or memory tests, they have found to have less attention span and as what was said earlier, it makes them careless.

Texting has been a big part of our everyday lives. We use it for communicating, and connecting especially to those who are far away. It helps us relay whatever we want to say to anyone, anywhere they may be. Texting is affordable, easy, and convenient, but who knew that it could be a cause to a lot of problems. Most of us think that texting is a way to socialize and connect, but why can’t we socialize and connect with the people who are around us physically. Texting allows us to be present physically, but lost in spirit. We should learn to start connecting again – the old fashioned way.

Image Source: Ipopculture

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Hydrogen Sulphide: Hazardous or the next Anti-aging Regimen?


By: Gemma Lagasca


SulphurWhat is Hydrogen Sulphide?

Hydrogen Sulphide is a chemical formula in the form of gas. It exists naturally and artificially through the process of laboratory chemistry. The formula for this compound is H2S—it means it consists of 2(+) hydrogen ions (H) and 1(-) sulphur ion (S). This chemical compound is often called “sewer gas” due to its distinguishing stink that is comparable to sewage or manure smell. Traditionally, this kind of element is considered hazardous and known as killer gas. Nevertheless, in today’s modern outlook and fast-phased technological development, the perception changed.

Hydrogen Sulphide has been a useful compound commercially and has several modern applications. Scientists primarily use this chemical in generating pure sulphur that is essential for chemical experimentation and laboratory chemistry. It is also beneficial in manufacturing metal sulphides and alkali metal sulphides.
Hydrogen Sulphide: To stave-off aging?

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is now showing its full potential medically. According to the latest journal of Molecular and Cellular Biology, China’s group of researchers have seen and explored the compound’s ability to rejuvenate human’s aging stage. The researches cited that they have seen essential endogenous signalling molecules in H2S and its significance in humans’ nervous system and cardiovascular system. They confer that the evidences that they gathered are promising in staving-off aging – by forbidding the free-radical reaction and by activating SIRT1—or an enzyme that interacts with the genes. Klotho is an enzyme in humans encoded by the KL gene – as they both contribute in regulating a human’s lifespan and interrupt the aging activity.

Hydrogen Sulphide functions as anti-oxidant. This element can be found naturally in the human body and trigger several essential physiological reactions. According to Zhi-Sheng Jiang, the author of the said study from the University of South China; Hunan “H2S has the ability to maintain the arteries’ cleanliness and prohibit free-radicals as you age. Therefore if the body relaxes the vascular endothelium and makes muscle cells smooth, the result is the slowing down the stages of ageing. Associated diseases are also prevented during the process. Jiang and his team used mice for their experimentation. They discovered that mice are lacking of CSE—the gene for an enzyme producing H2S. They concluded that mice manifest premature arteriosclerosis and fast aging. According to that discovery, they got the idea that Klotho is the free hydrogen sulphide that could be the source of the anti-aging element once activated as natural endogenous anti-oxidant.

H2S in kidneys can get through Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibiting activity or acts as ACE inhibitor. The Ace inhibitor has something to do with a certain medicine that will tone down high blood pressure. It was concluded that the lack of H2S can lead to cardiovascular illnesses.

Based on the animal experimentation, the researchers reported that the decline of H2S in the system could be the source of some neurological issues. The endogenous Hydrogen sulphide was found to be a beneficial source to fight against Parkinson’s disease and works well with Alzheimer’s patient. In fact, H2S may also defend the body against cancers.

Jiang concluded that all the needed data are available to enhance their study but strongly endorsed that H2S could be the next potential anti-aging regimen that can also prevent age-associated diseases. In fact, the researchers asserted that they may develop an H2S product which will serve as anti-aging supplement in the future.

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