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Financial Guidance for Parents to their Kids


By: Gemma Lagasca


Financial GuidanceFinancial guidance for parents to their kids is an effective tool to guide kids to follow the right road in terms of financial issues. Many children were not being aware and taught of the important role of money in the family. It’s a bit alarming and frustrating to deal with children who have the mentality of getting fast cash from parents without exerting efforts. According to CNN Money 101, keeping the kids aware on money will lead them to be responsible and independent with a prosperous future.

    1. Explain the value of money to the kids. Most young kids are amazed when they see mom and dad getting money from the ATM—it seems that it’s exciting to go there and get instant cash. If they don’t understand where that money came from, they will believe that anyone can have money instantly. The kids will easily ask you to buy all the things they wanted.
    2. Begin teaching the kids how money works at home as young as they are. A 4 year old child can clearly understand when you explain to them about money. They should learn that mom and dad are working to have money to buy foods, for school fees, clothing and other stuff. Once they realize how money works for the family, they will show an intuitive conservatism that will lead them to be wise in spending money as they grow. A child without proper guidance and knowledge in handling money will grow an impulsive spender—and that begins when they’re on teenage stage.
    3. Pay them for their allowances. Before you allow them to handle money, assign them to do a simple task at home. That way, they will learn that they need to work first before they can gain a penny. However, once you gave them an allowance it doesn’t mean that they will spend it at once in buying candies or toys. Teach them to save something from it before they begin spending it. For kids’ ages 7-10 years old, you can already entrust them their daily allowance to buy their own snacks or lunch in school.

  1. Piggy bank technique. It is one way of tea
    ching them how to save and invest as young as they are. Every amount that they receive from you should set aside a certain amount in their piggy bank. Explain to them that long-term saving will build a bigger and better amount for bigger projects. By doing this constantly, when the child reaches 10 he will be more amenable in banking.
  2. For older kids like in high school or college, they should be entrusted with higher responsibility but with proper guidance. Teach them how to use credit cards or checks properly. By doing this, they can live independently by being responsible for their finances. Allow them to commit error. Let them fix their bounced checks or declining credit card balance for them to learn and live only within their limits.

If they want to work for part-time job to earn, let them be. It’s fulfilling to gain fast cash when talents are used to earn them.

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Avoid Fast Foods or Die Young!


By: Gemma Lagasca


FastfoodsOne of the basic human needs is food. It is the main source of energy that our body requires to be able to survive. Because of modern lifestyle changes, instant foods with artificial flavorings are popularized to suit the fast-phased living. However, our body is also punished with toxins and acid build-ups from the unhealthy foods that we are taking in. As a result, we are acquiring lifelong diseases or worst, it shortens human life span.

Due to the effect of highly complex micro-crap substances or in short, artificial foods – we are all walking into the hole of grave quite fast. Since God created us with high-intellect, maybe we should not indulge in these trendy foods that will totally destroy our body. Each tiny parts of our body such as cells, molecules and organs should function well to keep our system’s proper balance. Aside from that, a holistic bodily system will not be completed if our blood doesn’t have the right pH level. According to the researchers of Natural News, our body’s pH is one big factor in fighting against viruses, bacteria and fungi. With the right balance of alkaline, these dangerous elements that cause diseases will be prevented from harming the body.

Here are some helpful ideas on how to get natural alkaline and how to keep your pH level balanced:
1.Pick only the organic foods that are chemical-free to avoid harmful elements from pesticides and other contaminants.
a. Take more fruits and vegetables. These are natural alkaline foods that can help in sustaining the appropriate pH level in our body every day.
b. Decrease meat intakes, even white meat with fowl, flours and refined sugar. Take only at least 40-50 grams of protein-enriched food per day. These foods
contain acids that cause acid-build up when taken in excess.

2. Create a food mixture to maintain a suitable alkaline pH level and the right pH balance.
a. Mix 10ml of organic apple cider vinegar into 8 ounces of water. Drink one glass in the morning and another one after dinner. Likewise, for non-hypertensive adults – a glass of water with 10ml lemon or lime juice with a tsp. of baking soda is recommended. Take at least one glass of the mixture every day.
b. Mix organic lemon with 8 ounces of warm water and 2 tablespoons of organic honey. This combination will protect your body from getting into the alkaline-forming state and helps remove excess acids.
c. Ingest more potassium-enriched foods like honey, lemons and bananas.
d. Flush the waste in your system by drinking the required amount of water every day. According to the study, you have to do a little math to determine your required daily consumption of water. If you weigh 120 pounds, the actual 50% of your weight should be converted to ounces. So the 50% of 120 pounds is 60 pounds-it means that 60 ounces of water is the amount needed to hydrate your body and to eliminate the toxins that cause the undesirable build-up.

Way back thousands of years ago after creation, God saw that everything that He had made is good. All things in the earth are beneficial for His every living creation and there are no harmful things that will affect His masterpieces. The first man and woman together with the animals lived bountifully with all the natural things around the Garden of Eden. However, humans were created with high intellect compared to the rest of the animals. So as time quickly flies, it is them that are masterminding the changes – leading away from the Creators’ natural concept. If we will continue to embrace these changes, maybe God will strongly disagree. Climate change epidemics and natural disasters resulted to natural depopulation and too many kinds of illnesses and mysterious viruses that humans cannot diagnose – are still hawking the earth due to the people’s uncontrollable will to create peculiar things. Follow the will of God or DIE early! What do you think?

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Top 5 Considerations when Setting Up a Coffee Shop


By: Gemma Lagasca


Coffee ShopWorking people are haggling with time to finish the task for the day – and that’s the normal scene during weekdays for most of us. Having a cup of brewed coffee is a helpful way to fuel-up your mind and body. It’s interesting to see those people who love to stay hours in a coffee shop. How relaxing indeed to stay in a cozy place with soft jazz music playing at the background – while the aromatic scent of fresh coffee is on the air. You can seat-back and relax on a comfortable couch with your laptop on the table. Aside from catching up with work, is a suitable place to bond with friends too online. Just activate the connection over the net and login to your favorite social media or take time in answering your emails without looking so stressful.

After a while, the coffee shop assistant calls your name to inform you that your hot latte is ready. Known coffee shops owners know the secret techniques on how to encourage people to drink coffee from their shops instead of making it at home? In fact, we can easily buy coffee beans and other flavorings from the supermarket if we want to. We can even use a specialized coffee maker to create our own version of brewed coffee. Why is it that nothing can beat a coffee shop when it comes to coffee drinking? Here’s why:

  • It’s the taste. Everybody can make coffee at home but an established coffee shop has its own signature flavor that is tested with time. They have created personalized servings using special coffee beans, chocolates, whip cream, creamers, sugar and toppings to improve their products better. Additionally, every shop has its own style of coffee cups, cutlery and table settings to compliment the tasty coffee.
  • Complete coffee-making facility from grinder to brewer. Coffee beans that are brewed right after grinding are the best. It’s not just practical to buy these facilities for home use because they are very costly and maintenance costs can also add up to the burden.
  • The shop’s ambiance is enhanced with its interior designs and lighting. The glass walls also will allow a coffee drinker to watch people passing by. The landscape, ornamental plants, sounds and tricks from a water fountain are enticing view while mesmerizing over coffee. The relaxing atmosphere is just so irresistible that the soft couch is like calling a tired body to lay on it. The color combinations are welcoming and the art works hanged on the walls are classical and inspiring.

  • The relaxing sound is holistic. Although you can easily turn-on an iPod at home to listen to your favorite music, it is different to hear the well selected coffee shop music that is so soothing. Maybe the right volume and frequency flowing freely are also additional factors why it’s so therapeutic to just hang around in those places.
  • A social but discreet place to meet or make friends. Going out with friends is indeed a part of social life. Bonding can also be done at home if you are willing to invite your friends and entertain them. But it’s very different when you dress up and be seen outside of your premises. You can just enjoy the company with the coffee without worrying on washing the mugs or used utensils.  It’s nice to get-off from those clutters sometimes.

Going out once in a while is priceless. It helps you renew your minds from the daily grind in life at least temporarily. People just don’t go to coffee shops for coffee – also the nice things that come with it which is vital in renewing your energy for the challenges ahead of you. These things are essential considerations when deciding to open a coffee shop for business.

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Habits that Hamper Concentration


By: Gemma Lagasca


ConcentrationDo you always have a problem focusing on your work or studies? According to Lucy Jo, PhD who is a respected Psychologist, there are ways to manage concentration culprits. The biggest distraction why people are becoming less attentive to their daily responsibilities is because of getting hooked to network sites. The activities in the cloud are quick, fuss-free and enjoyable yet they kill attention and time in performing the necessary tasks at hand. And also, losing concentration can have psychological impacts. Here are some advices on how to deal with concentration killers to retain a sound mind:

  1. Mobile gadgets: I think there are only few people who can ignore a cell phone’s ringtone. Once the phone rings, it will already kill your concentration and immediately interrupt your task at hand. To avoid affecting your daily task, try to set a caller ID to identify if it is an emergency call but if you suspect that the call is not urgent let the voicemail handle it. If you are attending an important meeting, put your mobile phone in to silent mode to avoid getting distracted. You may also set a specific time to read all the voice mails and messages received during your free time.
  2. Social Media: They are comfortable means for reaching out to friends and families living in any part of the universe. You can get through your favorite social media anytime and many times for as long as you want. However, social media is number one on the major concentration distractions’ list. To avoid this in your system, stay away from logging in while at work. If you want to get updates, set a schedule or make it during a quick break. This way, your focus on work will not interrupt your concentration. If for some reasons, you can’t resist logging in – then it’s about time to disconnect your internet access until you’re off from work.
  3. Pesky Feelings: Oh! This is quite hard because the problem is within you. Too much worries and concerns will totally devastate your concentration. It’s hard to set your mind and body to start your new task for the day. In fact, you sometimes carry the emotions from yesterday’s event and add them to the current dissatisfaction or disagreement with your boss or partner. However, these disturbing thoughts can be fixed within 3 minutes of meditation. Set yourself for a while to sort out what’s buzzing around your mind. After that, write down your task and highlight the most important chore that you need to complete within a specific time frame. This way, you can push yourself to focus and draw away pesky feelings while at work. You will be surprised with the outcome after you have successfully accomplished your main job.

  4. Boredom or Getting Burn Out: Let’s admit the fact that there are different kinds of tasks every day. Sometimes we get bored of our regular tasks although we have no choice but to accomplish them. As a result, it will take a little harder for our attention to focus. Additionally, the internet is enticing while your friends are online chatting. But, to avoid getting mixed up, hang on for a while and make a deal with yourself. If you prolong this kind of double or multi-tasking, you are only prolonging your agony. If you look forward to enjoy a coffee break, commit yourself – sit down and enjoy the whole process. You can turn on your iPod to listen to your music collections while sipping your coffee. This is not only relaxing but also very inspiring to do.

In conclusion, when you feel that depression is striking your concentration, this is a serious matter. According to the National Institute of Mental Health – being sad, hopeless and quiet are the symptoms of depression and a person detected with these signs needs medical attention as quickly as possible.

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Top 7 Grocery Buying Myths


By: Gemma Lagasca


Grocery BuyingAs we go in and out of the supermarket or grocery stores to shop for things we need for our day-today existence, we follow certain routines believing that they do us good. Little do we know that we are accomplishing some actions based on myths that should not be practiced now – that’s why it’s time to review some fine points for our guidance:

  1. “Don’t allow kids to go with you in the supermarket”. Most parents will lose their focus on what to buy when kids are around because they have to look after them while shopping. Of course, budget can easily be broken when the little ones keep on pointing at the items they want – and they don’t know its implications. On the other side of it, older children that are involved in planning a healthy meal must be taught on how to choose the right ingredients by letting them check on the labels. Guide them on how to read and understand the nutrition facts printed on the packages. That way, they will know exactly how to choose for the family’s benefit. So small kids will be better off left at home with a trusted help while the already responsible ones can start helping on your purchasing decisions.
  2. “All organic foods are healthy”. Yes, organic plants are better when they are grown conventionally with less or no exposure to pesticides – but it doesn’t mean that they are all nutritious. If you opt for organic fruits and vegetables, the best picks are lettuce, apples, peaches and spinach because these can be eaten fresh from the garden after washing thoroughly. Foods with skin like avocado, oranges and bananas are not significant whether they’re organic or not. So, even if fruits and vegetables are not organic, they can be as nutritious as the organic ones or more.

  3. “Select only “low-fat” products. Not all labeled “low-fat” products are nutritious”. To make sure of this, check on the nutrition facts printed on the label. Before you pick an item, remember the things that you need to avoid such as high sugar, fat, sodium, saturated fats, calories and trans-fat contents.
  4. “Back-off from indulging in sweets”. No way! Ice cream, candies and chocolates are also essential treats for the family. Just keep the tempting sweets in minimum amount. Add in fresh fruits with a single serve of low-fat ice cream or a whip of dairy topping. Include a pack of dark chocolates with raisins or nuts in your shopping cart – these can add few nutrients when taken in moderate proportions only.
  5. “Cross-out red meat from your list”. Red meat contains essential nutrients such as protein, zinc and iron. Therefore, there is no reason to take this away from your shopping list. The only thing you need to consider is the recommended amount you need to serve in every meal. Just buy the right slices in smaller cuts. Use only the lean meat as side dish for dinner and serve more veggies and whole grains as the focus of the meal.
  6. “Fresh foods are still the best”. We always stick to that thinking that fresh foods are still the best despite being pricy. But if you are considering your budget, frozen foods are also good. In fact, frozen foods kept at its right peak of ripeness preserves the natural nutrients like fresh foods. Canned vegetation can also be good if you will rinse the fruits or vegetables before eating to wash-away the unwanted salt or sugar added.
  7. “Buy in bulk”. Buying everything in bulk is a good idea if we talk about imperishable goods. You can save some cash from volume discounts! Nevertheless, buying frozen items in bulk is not advisable, unless you are sure that you can consume them before they expire.

So it’s about time to change those ways of thinking and embrace the facts for the better. Making some adjustments after learning from this article can benefit the family greatly. Happy shopping!

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