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How to Avoid Getting into the Payday Loan Loop


By: Gemma Lagasca


Payday loanPayday loan is an advance credit provided by loan operating businesses with your pay check as guarantee. It is like advancing the money that you are about to receive for the upcoming payday. These kinds of services are usually charging higher interest rates than banks – reaching as much as 400% annually. Post-dated checks are required as collateral prior to granting the loan.

Is Payday Loan helpful?

 It takes only one instance to be hooked into this never-ending cycle. Aside from the over-charging of interest rates, you only have 14 days to repay the loan. It is true that you can easily borrow the amount of money you need anytime and anywhere using this system. However, your financial situation will get worst once you started linking your life with it. Upon receiving your monthly pay check, it will go straight to the credit establishment to pay for your advances. How will you survive until the next pay day? Of course, you will be tempted to renew your loan again – paying a substantial part of your pay to lenders for the accumulated interests instead of spending them for your needs. This cycle will not end unless you stop relying on it.

How to Prevent Resorting to a Payday Loan?

  1. Create an emergency fund. It should only be utilized for your emergency needs such as household wears and tears. Set aside a certain amount every payday until you saved at least $1,000 to $ 2,000 for your emergency fund. If you will do that little by little, you will no longer think of payday loans. If you happen to use your emergency fund for any reasons, make sure to replace it at once to avoid inconvenience that can come your way later on.
  2. Include a sinking fund in your monthly budget. It is normally intended for car repairs especially when your car is old – where spare part replacement is a must.  It will be lighter for you to set aside a certain amount as part of your monthly expenditures for the basic needs. That way, you won’t have to compromise borrowing from payday loan providers to cover unexpected expenses.
  3. Apply for a credit card but use it only for emergencies. Credit card is a much wiser financial facility to use than payday loans. It has lower interest rates compared to payday loans. However, ample discipline is needed so as not to accumulate unbearable debts. Once you get used to using your credit card for lifestyle enhancements, you will surely ruin your regular budget. Avoid waking up one day to find that you are already sinking into an endless hole of debts.
  4. Inquire how to avail quick loans from your bank or any affiliated credit union. They have loan services similar to payday loans but still following the standard allowable interest schemes. It is even a good idea using this loan to pay off existing payday loans that you already have – but be firm in staying away from them after clearing them out. That way, your loans are consolidated in one entity for convenience and manageable charges.

Payday loans should be avoided at all cost. Financial stability can never be attained when you are tied up with these kinds of responsibilities. Do not create another nightmare by relying on this temporary solution. Start saving now to never resort to any forms of credit again.

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The Beauty of Being Self-Reliant


By: Gynn Flores


Self ReliantI have been very independent when it comes to my finances. There have been many ups and downs in the past but no matter how hard it is for a single parent to survive financial crisis, I can say that I am indeed a survivor. Looking back – after watching my children grew up and have their own lives, I can never trade my being self-reliant to living a luxurious life as a dependent. This is how I found fulfilment and would gladly share my views to those who are seeking financial independence. You are self-reliant if you can support yourself and your dependents without needing the help or assistance of other people. This is hard to achieve as it means you have to earn more than enough for yourself alone. Many people work multiple jobs but still have a hard time coping without cash advances. Here are pointers on how to achieve self-reliance:

    1. Always make a budget and stick to it. Over spending happens when you subconsciously spend without knowing you can’t really afford it.
    2. Maximize your capacity to earn and still maintain enough sleep and good nutrition for yourself. Do not risk or force yourself to work when your body is giving signals that it is already depleted with energy.

  1. Teach yourself and your dependents the value of money. Be thrifty to allow your budget to match your lifestyle. Do not force to upgrade if you still cannot afford it.
  2. Be strong against temptations especially on the luxuries in life. Necessities should be prioritized. Luxuries can wait if something is still left after you have set aside enough for the basic needs.
  3. Know how to save for the hard times. You should set aside a certain percentage of your income for savings. This is the way to have financial stability. It is not enough to be able to afford the daily expenses but also to keep a small portion for the future in case of emergency and for your retirement.

Here are the benefits of being self-reliant:

  1. You do not need to seek approval from anybody if you are spending for your own needs.
  2. You have a free hand on what lifestyle you want for yourself as long as you can afford it. This is usually based on your earning capacity.
  3. You earn some respect as you do not have to be a dependent of anybody.
  4. You keep out other people from making decisions for you. This makes you in control of your life.
  5. You can live away from people you don’t like if you are self-reliant.

Self-reliance requires a lot of hard work and discipline that you have to impose on yourself. Do not be intimidated or influenced by others who are spending the money that they don’t have just because they drive nice cars or wearing signature clothes. All the luxuries can wait when you can already cash them. Relying to cash advances is a killer. A short time of enjoyment will be replaced with a lot of time pushing yourself to earn more just to level off your deficit spending.

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IPhone’s Most Significant Features to Grow a Small Business


By: Gemma Lagasca


iPhone 5Purchasing an iPhone is not just “a piece of cake”. It is costly but its features are functional in terms of accessibility in communicating with other people.  It is even a useful tool to grow a business. Yes, iPhone’s software helps in running a cost-effective small business. Here are some hints that an iPhone 5 can offer:

1. Hardware Features

  • Faster network speed – iPhone 5 has built-in wireless LTE technology. It means that it has the ability to connect automatically with faster networks. That way, you can easily browse, research, email, chat or reach out to your costumers for timely delivery for the demands of your business.
  • Wider and brighter screen – iPhone 5’s screen measures 4 inches. You can read emails and browse through sites faster and easier without too many scrolling.
  • Enhanced camera – iPhone 5 has improved HDR capability and new panorama picture features. This latest camera feature is trending in the industry.
  • Enhanced audio or speakers – it has 3 microphones in the package and noise cancelling tools which are useful during teleconferences. The speakers can also deliver quality music that you love to hear. It has newly designed headphones for a relaxing sound.

2. iOS6 Software Features

  • Enhanced email application – the newest feature for the email app is the VIP inbox. You can save your important business emails using this VIP inbox.
  • FaceTime over cellular – you can subscribe FaceTime connections by applying a premium plan data share subscription. FaceTime is a net connection which is similar to Wi-Fi.
  • More calling options – untimely incoming calls can be managed better anytime. You can turn down incoming calls but you can easily pick an instant message or text then send it to the caller when you are busy. Otherwise, set a reminder to call back your caller at a later time when you are not occupied anymore.
  • Passbook app – if you want to purchase movie passes, boarding tickets and others, just  enable the passbook app in the app store to reserve your needed tickets at once.
  • Integrated Twitter and Facebook links – you can easily click, browse and post your photos and advertisement in Facebook and Twitter accounts simultaneously.
  • Improved Virtual assistant (Siri) – you can manage anything you want by using this app especially when you are busy. Siri will help find the best outlets you want to go to such as restaurants or bars. It is also a reliable assistant when you need to compose emails for your clients. Siri can remind your next scheduled appointment on time.

The iPhone 5’s latest features are truly amazing. Yet, in establishing a growing business, it is vital to set up a spyware to protect it from deceitful employees. They will hinder the progress of your business when tolerated. The iPhone 5 spy is the best app to secure the growth of your business. It will track not only the activities of your employees but also your children and spouse. You’ll hit 2 purposes in one go with it – for business and personal matters.

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Stresses Brought by Technology


By: Gene Carla Chua


Technology StressesTechnology has made our lives more convenient for years. From washing clothes to sending letters, technology has affected us greatly and it has made our lives so much easier. However, technology could also be causing us stress. Studies show that humans spend over 3 days in a year waiting for files or other things to load in their computer. In Tibet when you send a letter, it is normal to not get a reply in 30 days or even more, but when you send a text or a chat message and not get a reply in 30 seconds, you get angry. Here are other instances when technology has caused us stress;


• Wherever we are and whatever we are doing we always feel the need to post a status about it, Tweet it, and post a picture in Instagram. Most of us send more sms’s than we are talking. Imagine just doing what you are supposed to do, without reaching for your phone first. This causes us to waste time on things that we are not really supposed to do, and with that we run out of time for finishing whatever it is that we are really needed to do.

• Whenever we post anything and someone likes or retweets it we feel really good, but what about when no one does? Some people feel lonely or unwanted. Sounds like I’m overrating? This actually does happen.


The iPhone, café addiction

• Try walking in a café and observe what everyone is doing, most of them if not all have an iPhone, Black Berry, or a smart phone in hand, tweeting or looking for the newest apps. So if these people do this in a café, then we could probably say that they do it everywhere. This is the problem with technology, we cannot live without it. What happens when we lose our phones? Well, TRAGEDY.



• We used to have scrapbooks and photo albums filled with our precious memories. These days pictures are saved in our phones, and digital scrapbooks have been created. These are all saved in your phone, laptop or tablet’s internal memory, but there will always come a time that we have to replace these gadgets. Worse-case scenario is that they break and those memories will be irretrievable.




• Ten years ago we need to wait for the evening news before we get in the know as to what happened during the day. Today we get news notifications from our phones and there are apps dedicated to informing us with what’s happening. We need that constant feeling that we know what is happening in the world and this causes clutter. We are filled with information that we really don’t need, plus not all news is good.

Lastly –


• A lot of people are addicted to games. Some even spend all day without doing anything productive. Excessive gaming has caused death in Korea, but that’s not just the reason as to why it is causing us stress. Games stimulate our brain. Stimulates us a little too much that when we look for something fun to do we require more powerful activity. This makes us bored.

• This does not apply to gaming. We tweet and Facebook too much as well. It’s like a drug, we do it too much and get addicted then when we stop we feel so low. When we get the time to relax and be idle it doesn’t feel as good.

Technology is now a vital part of our lives but this does not mean that we have to embrace the stresses it causes us also – we have to learn how to stick to the healthy limits when using the products of technology for our own advantage.

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Top 5 Mistakes of Married Men


By: Gemma Lagasca


Married MenA typical married man tends to be the feeling like a “boss” in the family. Sometimes men cannot recognize it when they commit a mistake – maybe it is true that “boys will be boys”? However, married men should not ignore such visible bad habits because these can ruin the life of his partner.

According to a Psychologist; Dr. Gloria Vanderhorst PhD: continuous negative feelings between a husband and a wife that aren’t talked about will lead to psychological and physical crisis. Once stresses develop between the couple, depression and anxieties will gradually affect them and their relationship will lost its harmony. Here are the top manly mistakes and some practical solutions:

  1. Power position. Most men are typically performing the role of being dominant to their wife. This is a big mistake but many men don’t realize that it’s a bad mistake. Being a good provider for the family is different from being the powerful boss. Men should remember that being respectful, loving, reciprocal, caring and supportive will build a harmonious relationship with your partner in life – and never power struggle.

  2. Not showing compassion. Being compassionate is one of the most essential ingredients of any relationship according to psychologist Dr. Albert Maslow, PhD. Women are normally emotional when encountering discouragement but most of the time, men are more on “fix-it mode”. Men should learn to just simply by just listening to their wives’ complaints, and be sensitive with their feelings – to be able to understand them. It is important to take enough time to converse with each other to be uplifted spiritually and to ease depression.
  3. Being reckless spenders. Men tend to spend a lot without consulting their partner -because the attitude of being the head of the family is still instilled in their minds.  Making big purchases is such an alarming issue and will affect the financial status of the whole family. Dr. Vanderhorst emphasizes that both husband and wife should have a shared leadership position. Consider each other’s side before you come up with a mutual decision.
  4. Listening without thinking. Most men pretend that they are listening to their wives’ sentiments. They just nod sometimes without analysing the other party’s feelings and then they will jump into fixing the problem at once. This men’s attitude is not passive. Establishing good connection through demonstrating an interest with what the wife is trying to share is an active process to maintain the connection. Women are normally seeking for refuge to their husbands as they are considered as their “knight in shining armor” in times of dilemma.
  5. Being reserve with their feelings. Men are typically not taking the risk to open up their real emotions. Dr. Maslow explained that a woman will feel disregarded when her husband is not expressive to talk about his problems or feelings. The connection of the couple will gradually disappear and they will tend to find other outlet to release their stresses. This is not a good example of a healthy relationship. Men should not be scared in talking about their failures.  Build an open communication with your wife – in good times or bad times to encourage each other.

Know that there’s no problem that can’t be solved when well-communicated! Set aside your pride because it will not deter your manhood.

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