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There are No Bad Dogs – Only Bad Owners

By: Elena Grace Flores

sad dog looking into eyes
sad dog looking into eyes (Photo credit:

Pet dogs are becoming a problem in our village. They loiter around, potty everywhere and very noisy most of the time. Plans to contain them are already in place but stubborn dog owners are blocking the progress. They question the policies, do not show up during meetings and worst – they do not respect the privacy of others especially their neighbors. This explains why their dogs are unruly – because they are stubborn themselves:

Dealing with the Dominant Dog

By: Ed Frawley

This article is being written for dog owners who believe that have a problem with aggression or poor behavior with their family dog.

We get a lot of emails from people who believe they have dominant dogs. The fact is very few dogs are truly dominant. We feel the vast majority of the people who email us don’t have dominant dogs but rather they have dogs that have never learned rules. ¬†

There are actually no bad dogs if trained properly. Dog lovers who cannot take care of pet dogs should not take the responsibility of caring for them. It’s their neighbors that would suffer from their doings – because they are hardly around. Dogs must be nurtured and if you don’t have the time, please don’t own one!


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