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Bad Publicities Garner More Sympathy for Bongbong Marcos as Loyalists Vow to Campaign for the Truth!


By: Elena Grace Flores
Showbiz Fanaticz

Marcos Loyalists are Real
One cannot be a Marcos loyalist for anything. Long years of waiting, patience, and sacrifices. The supporters of Bongbong Marcos cannot sway in favor of the enemy just like that. It’s always the Marcos family firsthand for the loyalists. That’s what loyalty is all about. It is said that they are 16 million of them who are legible to vote in the upcoming elections.

Marcos-Robredo Face off Again

Outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo can finally feel the revenge of the loyalists in the the 2022 election. Marcos always have the numbers. His bailiwick remains true to him for the longest time. While Robredo must move to another residence. That’s the greatest proof of their reliability.

Revisionism or the Truth?

Robredo and her media allies are busy telling lies. They use the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ alleged martial law atrocities to give his son a bad name. However, none of those matter anymore. Her performance can make many Filipinos frown upon seeing her image. She’s definitely the most hated VP the Philippines ever had. Except of course the Dilawans who are now pinkish.

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