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Ballot Boxes in Cebu Prove COMELEC’s Incompetence in BBM’s Electoral Protest

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By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos divulges the critical ally in Cebu in the person of none other than Vice Mayor Mike Rama. BBM graces Rama’s birthday upon the invite of a mutual friend who is one of the organizers of the event. He also meets Governor Gwen Garcia who is vital in helping now Senator Imee Marcos’ initiatives when she was still in the Congress. Garcia always believes that Marcos was cheated during the VP race in 2016. Sure enough, the electoral protestee can only see the original ballot boxes in Cebu that up to the real standard set by the COMELEC. Unlike the ones they submitted during the election protest recount procedures.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
Cebu City is evidence that when public servants set politics aside and encourage entrepreneurial thinking instead, their communities make visible progress.

Governor Gwen Sets Aside Politics

Politicking is not in Governor Gwendolyn Garcia’s vocabulary. She’s always on top of her projects that augment the lives of Cebuanos. The passionate governor spearheads tourism expansions to rural areas  like in “Suruy Suruy sa Sugbu” since her previous term.  Garcia means business when she implements a total ban on live hogs, and pork from Luzon. This is after the Department of Agriculture (DA) confirms the outbreak of African swine fever. There is a serious concern of a possible ASF entry to the PHP10-billion hog industry in Cebu if there’s no efficient virus control.

Mayor Cortes in Mandaue

Cebu officials like Mayor Cortes of Mandaue are role models as public servants . They hardly discuss politics during gatherings. All they think about are the public projects that can bring good impact to their communities. Marcos applauds their dedication to public service that he witnesses with his very eyes. Plus their entrepreneural spirit.

An Old Friend, Secretary Sitoy

A good friend of BBM’s mother, Imelda Marcos accompanies BBM to tour Cordova and Lapu-lapu. Sitoy accompanies Marcos and Mayor Chan and Vice Mayor Sitoy welcome him.

Spotting the Ballot Boxes

Marcos compares the state of the ballot boxes in Cebu to what he saw during the recount for his electoral protest against the presumptive VP Leni Robredo. The container were not as robust as the ones in Cebu. There were also not wet and tidy. Foreign things were seen in each box that degrade the electoral integrity inthe eyes of the public. That gives him a clear idea on how an untampered ballot boxes look like.

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