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Barney Let’s Play School Reposted at Youtube

By: Elena Grace Flores

A Day in the Park with Barney
A Day in the Park with Barney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barney Let’s Play School showed up again at Youtube 3 weeks ago and still garnered more than half a million clicks. This only proves to show that even if the video was made a decade ago, children and adults alike are still attracted by its setup. Aside from being very entertaining, it is very educational as well which is the main element of its success. Watch here for yourself and for sure, you will agree that your kids can benefit from this in a major way:

Barney Lets Play School FULL HD

Posted at Youtube by: MrTuguj

It is important that parents must screen video materials for their children to watch because the minds of the young can be easily influenced. Violent, addictive and sexual in nature films should not be accessible to minors – so as not to corrupt their mental health. This is a serious public service for parents out there who are too busy to check the computer programs that they are providing to their children to watch to kill time!

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