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Bashers Don’t Get It – Alliance to Unseat LP in the Top Position

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Veterans in politics know very well that to get more votes to topple a popular opponent, great alliance is crucial with prominent people willing to sacrifice for the sake of the people. This is evident when Presidential candidate V.P. Jejomar Binay went out of his way – and one of the pioneers to convince Duterte to run in the first place.

There were conversations like; Duterte to contradict Mar and be at par with Grace Poe’s popularity – so that the lead would be too high and will make it impossible for the administration’s bet to cheat. This was when the corruption allegations against Binay dominated the scene. Duterte eventually considered the challenge for as long as Binay would support his campaigning. This should answer why Binay supporters were told via chat rooms not to go below the belt with Duterte because he’s with us.

It was not clear how else Binay supported Duterte – because in the process, they seem to be throwing mud at each other on TV. (perhaps just to mislead the opponent). However, various Binay groups are complaining that Binay’s campaign materials are way too low for the demand. In one Binay headquarters in Las Pinas, it was overheard from a campaigner saying; why no more Binay tarpaulin posters but plenty of Duterte’s? This was confirmed from a printer in Quezon City that loads of Duterte materials were paid for by a Binay representative. That would probably explain why Duterte was showing respect to Pastor Boy Saycon who is also the chairman of COPA, Binay’s major campaigner since the NoyBi era.


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