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Bato Dares Hilbay to Prove that the War on Drugs is a Failure

War on Drugs
By: Elena Grace Flores

According to the survey, 60% of Filipinos are in favor of the President’s war on drugs. However, 95% want the criminals captured alive. The anchor needs to calm General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa before his re-battle with Florin Hilbay. He laments that he cannot relax with one against 8 since other pro-administration candidates did not make it to the CNN debate recently. All you can see is Bato’s pure heart which is very impressive.

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa laments to Hilbay that he’s hurt to hear him say that the drug war is a failure.

Where are we on the War on Drugs?

General Bato said that the person who does not hide anything is not afraid to answer. However, he forgets the question. The anchor needs to remind him. Then, he carried on.

Daring Hilbay

How dare you say, Hilbay that the war on drugs is a failure? Earlier he was hurt because of this common assumption of Otso Diretso. In the first place the previous administration has done nothing to minimize the illegal drugs trade. He challenges his opponent to look at the statistics of the SWS surveys.

Chong’s Attests to the Low Crime Rate

Atty. Chong’s story in Cebu proves that the lowering crime rate is felt by the people. Residents near the once dangerous road are not anymore afraid in passing through the area. The notorious drug pusher is already dead. That’s one life lost versus the many occupants of the community.

Laws in the Senate Prevent Human Rights Violations

Senator JV Ejercito said that the Senate exists to take care of human lives. Extra judicial killings and other human rights violations are not permissible by law. The EJK black propaganda is only out there to destroy the President. There’s no truth on it at all because the official records say otherwise.

Statistics Do not Lie

Bato’s last statement on his re-battle to Hilbay said it all. 66% of the Filipinos can attest that the war on drugs made the country’s crime rate down. How can the Otso Diretso candidate lie against the statistics by repeatedly stating hearsays? Truly, the statistics do not lie.

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