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BBM and Enrile’s Logic can Prevent China War after Gaza

China War

By: Elena Grace Flores
by PTV

Former Senator Marcos’ previous suggestion on PH-China row

BBM and Enrile’s Logic to Prevent China War

Opposition bullies intensify their campaign for the President to provoke China War. However, he finds allies in former Senators Bongbong Marcos and Juan Ponce Enrile. Marcos stresses that an international policy with America and the EU should draw the lines for both countries. Talks are necessary to identify the restrictions and provisions. Whereas Enrile understands the stand of Duterte. He said that to assert the tribunal ruling to China is not possible without military capability. So, it is clear that the anti-Duterte personalities are not pro-Filipinos. They only serve what America wants. This is to stop Chinese supremacy. To the destruction of Filipino lives.

America’s Potection

Duterte never gets the assurance of America to protect the country should conflict with China arises. They can only retaliate if China attacks the Philippines. The same happens in Gaza. America is still frozen after Israel made hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza. Hamas and other Palestinian militants also did multiple rocket barrages at Tel Aviv and Beersheba. While the US figures out what to do, casualties are already visible on social media. This is what the Philippine President wants to avoid. Senseless deaths from a war that is not necessary. America should settle its intention with China without using the Philippines as the sacrificial lamb.

Avoid China War and Wait for the Right Time

The South China Sea dispute is not feasible through diplomatic means yet. Since China cannot accept the ruling of the Hague. Therefore, it is best for the country to deal with the present pandemic first. Then rebuild the economy. Also, make the military defense or offense at par with international standards. Forming a reliable alliance in Asia with the support of the superpowers is also necessary. This way, China War is unlikely. The unity of these countries tells China to adhere to its mandate. Thus, to avoid massive apprehensions.

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