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BBM and Son Sandro Marcos on Good Vibes via Social Media in Response to the Localized Media Propaganda

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

BBM and Sandro Marcos are Trending

Marcos supporters’ Tiktok compilation is trending. It features young voters registering for the first time. It’s their intention to vote for Bongbong Marcos for president in this coming 2022 election. Some also defend him against fake news. Like, he authors 37 proposals, and 4 of them became laws. It includes the creation of the youth commission and the department of energy. However, his son Sandro Marcos just excels no matter what he does.

Sandro Marcos is a Heartthrob

In a zoom interview of Sandro Marcos, many viewers can’t help but say hi to him in the middle of the session. He appreciates the attention and is also quite fond of his admirers. He might be running for a congress seat. But he already won as a heartthrob. There’s just no space anymore for negativity. The media propaganda against the Marcoses is already a thing of the past. Who can beat heartthrobs?

Use Social Media on Spreading Good Vibes

In response to the localized media propaganda, Sandro Marcos and his father urges people to share good vibes instead. BBM added that social media is a good avenue for helping people. Relocating missing people, distribution of relief goods, and organizing activities for a worthy cause during calamities and pandemics deem effective via these online platforms. Despite a media platform’s efforts to translate their anti-Marcos messages into various dialects, people are more driven to the Marcoses because they inspire them.

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