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BBM & Duterte as an Attorney Adhere to the Visions of Ferdinand E. Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores
Manila Bulletin Online

Attorney and Disciplinarian
President Rodrigo Duterte is now 74. He announces his vice presidential bid recently for the 2022 elections. He vows to make Bongbong Marcos president. People who think that strong leadership is necessary to instill discipline are loyal to him. The alleged martial law atrocities are taken as fake news now by many. As an attorney, Duterte makes sure that his actions follow the rule of law. So, his possible alliance with Marcos can result in a landslide vote for both.

Bongbong Marcos’ Background

Bongbong Marcos grows up in the Philippines. He studies in England in 1970. This is during his father’s rise to power. His course is Social studies at Oxford University. Then business at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He drops out in 1980. This is when he wins as the vice governor of the Ilocos Norte. Then proceeds to become a senator. He retains his educational credentials in the previous university. This is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. He’s not an attorney but his wife is.

Powerful Presence

Bongbong believes that his father’s presidency is a noteworthy one. For him, he’s just a dad with special responsibility aside from being an attorney himself. As a child, Bongbong observes that when his father walks into a room, people in the room stops. Then, everybody would defer to him. He was in control and the boss; the younger Marcos said. With that memories, Duterte whose father is an avid Marcos loyalist continues their alliance. Then to his daughter too. Just to implement his great visions for the country.

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