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BBM Electoral Protest: Supreme Court May Count or Not 21,000 Questionable Markings for Robredo

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores

On his latest Facebook blog, Atty. Glenn Chong assures the public that the recent threshold the PET uses for the recount of the VP electoral protest filed by Bongbong Marcos against Leni Robredo is 50%. Chong explained that 21,000 votes of Robredo did not pass the Supreme Court standard. As of now, they are set aside first. Therefore, the presumptive Vice President has 21,000 fewer votes currently. This is why in the revision reports, the total number of Robredo’s votes is a lot lower than the total of the election returns printed from the election machine.

YouTube video by Voice of Netizen

[VIDEO]: Atty. Glenn Chong explains about the digital fraud by Smartmatic and the Comelec.

Glenn Chong Discloses  Robredo’s Decreased Votes

Not Mere Observations but Facts from the Revisors

The 21,000 figure comes from the revisors of the former Senator, Bongbong Marcos. Atty. Chong added that Robredo’s lawyer Atty. Romulo Macalintal is again lying when he said that Marcos can’t anymore recover from the race after they announced their fake news through a press conference that the 50% shading threshold will be applied by the Supreme Court in their favor.

Robredo to Claim the 21,000 Votes

According to the rules of the PET, Robredo can only claim the 21,000 uncounted votes in a plea for its inclusion in the official vote count. Nonetheless, it is only the Supreme Court election body that can decide to rule on her favor or not.  On the other hand, Marcos also has the right to petition the use of the election returns because he has paid for the manual recount and not digital or hybrid process. The ERs are generated from the automated election system.


21000 Fewer Votes of Robredo are Not yet Official

At the moment, the 21,000 fewer votes for Robredo are not yet official. This is because the PET has not decided yet on how to go about it. They did not meet the 50% shading standard. Most of these have too small, short, or alien-like markings. In actuality, it is clear that there is a substantial deduction of votes as far as the Vice President is concerned. The PET’s decision on this matter can really make or break Marcos’ quest.

Pressure to the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court unanimously rejects Marcos’ motion for inhibition against Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa. The PET also “sternly warns” Marcos that “any unfounded and inappropriate accusation made in the future will be dealt with more severely.” However, Most people can only wonder why the SC is so tough on Marcos on many things and can’t even provide the manual recount that he has paid in full for.

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