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BBM Explained What Happened to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and How to Proceed


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: BBM on Bataan Nuclear Power Plant: We have to look at it properly not as a political issue

Nuclear Power Plant Stopped in 1986

The 1986 EDSA revolution put a stop on the launch of the Bataan nuclear power plant. It became a political issue instead of generating cheaper energy. This is why the country is left behind by their Asian counterparts in terms of sustainable electricity supply, said BBM.

Find a Renewable Energy Replacement

Nowadays, there are many options for renewable energy due to advancing technology. Just like the wind farm in Ilocos Norte. Nevertheless, production, transmission, and distribution must be looked into. As an archipelago composed of 7,100 islands, it would be a bit expensive. Another source is geothermal plus many more. This already exists in Leyte but is not yet operational.

Setback Due to Political Reasons

Politics must not get in the way of searching for a cost-effective source of energy. It should be internationally competitive. There must be continuity in the government to let this happen. If the nuclear power plant is worth reviving, politics must get out of the way. It’s best to follow Science. Disasters did happen in the past. But safety measures can already be imposed. Just like in America, BBM explained.

2 thoughts on “BBM Explained What Happened to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and How to Proceed

  1. If there’s a way for the nuclear plant to make it operation able, all Filipinos will benifit from it, and at this point of time when this pandemic suddenly stop our source of livelihood ,we need to cut down expensesin order to make both ends meet and sad to say the one thing that hard to cut down is the use of electricity.

  2. The BNPP is more economic source of energy yet if you continue this, there are challenges in how to relocate resident around it. So for me I suggest the government should focus on wind and solar source of energy.

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