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BBM Focuses on Taal Volcano Help Logistics While Some UP Historians Bash Him

Taal volcano

By: Elena Grace Flores

BBM or Bongbong Marcos earlier calls for the revision of history textbooks. He claims that their family’s recent court victories prove that the criminal accusations against them are false. In response to that, some UP History professors said the government must hold the Marcoses accountable for the billions of dollars that they allegedly stole from the nation’s coffers. However, the court finds no evidence of such accusation nor confirm that the government that time had that much money. Therefore, instead of retaliating, BBM concentrates on the Taal volcano help logistics with the local government’s assistance.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
Tulong Taal | Bongbong Marcos

Marcos cannot hide his anger upon knowing that there are mask hoarders. They sell these masks at a higher rate. This prompt him to order some affordable masks from China at once. Then, the distribution was in an instant to various affected areas in Batangas.

Free Food for Taal Volcano Evacuees

The son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos finds it in his heart to commend those food establishments like M. Catillo Eatery that provides free food to the evacuees. This is a major initiative from a citizen of the country. He can never thank them enough on behalf of the victims who need all the help they can get in this time of natural disaster.

Damages Brought about by the Eruptions

Taal volcano spews ashes for two weeks now. Ash falls even reach Manila. The once lush plantations are now unrecognizable. More than 150,000 residents need to evacuate. However, cash and in kind donations also keep on coming in. BBM concludes that the Filipinos are indeed the kindest people in the world.

Health Hazards of the Volcanic Ash

BBM warns that the volcanic ash must not be taken lightly. These ashes are heated up and can be inhaled as very fine foreign substance of the lungs. Thus, causing infections that can lead to serious problems. Asthma attacks are more likely among children and senior citizens that have low immune system.

Taal Volcano

Magma continues to deform the Taal Volcano island. Its movement results in an “uplift” of the volcano. That could be an indication of a possible explosive eruption, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said recently. The former Senator also warns to make use of the masks despite the occasional calm phase of the volcano because the ashes are still on the air.

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