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BBM-Sara: Full Assurance on the Nation’s Progress is Evident in their Chemistry

full assurance

By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: BBM-Sara Photoshoot

Full Assurance on the Nation’s Progress

Looking at the photos of Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte gives supporters full assurance of the nation’s progress. They are totally enjoying each other’s company. Their chemistry is inevitable. They could probably be the most efficient executive tandem.

Putting the Nation into the Right Hands

Voting for the BBM-Sara slate is simply putting the nation into the right hands. No other candidates can equal the experience of BBM in the legislative and executive branches of government. His VP running mate in the person of Inday Sara is also second to none. Her political will is obvious from every angle. Sweet but tough. The tandem is a full assurance indeed for a better Philippines.

Greatest Christmas Gift

The Filipinos may be suffering for more than 30 years now aside from the effects of the pandemic. But one thing is certain. The fulfillment of a promise that the country will be great again is near. The BBM-Sara gives full assurance on that. So, this Christmas, trusting both is the best gift each and every Filipino can give to each other.

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