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BBM to Claim Massive Votes from Tarlac as Local Leader Urges Locals to Move On


By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: Tarlac is not pink. They are for BBM.

Claim of Massive Votes

Tarlac City Mayor Cristy Angeles said it is “history in the making” that Marcos steps foot in Tarlac. The late Ferdinand Marcos was a tough rival of the city’s icon, Benigno Aquino. Although they were friends, Aquino’s widow replaced Marcos as president in 1986 due to the EDSA revolt. Now, Marcos’ son and namesake seem to claim their votes after getting fed up with the two Aquino administrations.

Filipinos Help Each Other

The Tarlac mayor said to her constituents that it is “time to move on”. She declares her support for the presidential bid of Bongbong Marcos. The rally was held at the Tarlac City Plazuela. It is where the monument of Aquino stood. BBM however is firm with his message of unity. He claims that in times of crises only Filipinos can help Filipinos.

Tarlac is Moving On

Judging from the organic crowd as seen from the actual unedited video of a participant, Tarlac seems to move on already. It is now ready for the new presidency. It just so happens that it may be a Marcos government that can bring a positive change to the city. A claim that remains to be seen.

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