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BBM’s Choice of Coronavirus Vaccine

coronavirus vaccine

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

COVID-19 Vaccine

The Coronavirus Vaccine Production Race

165 candidate vaccines are racing with time to get the perfect preventive measure of Covid-19. 8 of them are already in phase 3. It was very surprising for Russia to announce the registration of the first ever Coronavirus vaccine. However, this has to go through FDA approval yet. If the President becomes the first recipient, he would like to be the second to receive it when proven safe and effective, he said.

Bongbong Marcos’ Choice: Oxford-Made Vaccine

Wuhan is very advanced because the virus originates there. The other one is the Oxford-made vaccine. They have a reputation for such a reliable vaccine. The world can rejoice when their test becomes successful for urgent distribution, he added.

The Best Way to be Safe

It normally takes 3 to 5 years to come up with a safe and effective vaccine. The front liners must be the priority for it. Medical workers, the police force, delivery people, and many more can benefit highly. The rest can still hide at home. BBM is certain that it looks very promising in this area. In the meantime, kindness and discipline can get us through, he assured his viewers.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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