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BBM’s Diploma Dignity is Intact as a Notable Alumni of Oxford Despite Media Attacks

BBM's Diploma Dignity is Intact as a Notable Alumni of Oxford Despite Media Attacks

By: Elena Grace Flores

By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; Vincent Torre Bongolan – Sr. Data Scientist

[VIDEO]:The Truth about Bongbong Marcos’ Special Diploma

Notable Alumni with Special Diploma

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos is the 66th notable alumnus of Oxford University. This is according to a mere Filipino citizen who researches the subject. He also wrote to the university itself and got a reply unlike what the biased media claimed. If one digs deeper, the truth about Marcos’ diploma can easily come out. So, one can only be fooled when laziness and maliciousness dominate life one’s self.

Name-Dropping of Rappler

Rappler lied about the alleged denial of Oxford University. This is regarding Bongbong Marcos’ degree. They never had direct contact with the university. They only quoted a Facebook Group. That claims to be the Oxford Philippine society. Their headlines are very misleading using the name Oxford. This is the kind of activity that is simply libelous. Besides, BBM never said that he is a graduate of a Bachelor’s degree. But a special diploma for social studies. As per the Senate publication online. Therefore, their stories are just malicious. So, enough of this misinformation.

Misinformation from Questionable Sources

Rappler is a notable anti-government person. Maria Ressa, its owner is a libelous person. She does not behave like a journalist. Perhaps, a rebel is the more appropriate description of her existence. Their links for sources all point to anti-government groups. Simply malicious in their nature. Their aim is never to properly inform the public. But to malign them to discredit Marcos on his presidential bid. So, beware of sharing fake news from these hoax outlets. BBM has an excellent educational background after all.

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