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BBM’s Economic Survival Strategy during the Pandemic


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by HUGGER PH

BARTER: Old Ways in the New Normal | Bongbong Marcos

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The misunderstanding of the barter trade tax is now water under the bridge. Bongbong Marcos is happy that clarifications are made available at once. Bartering goods is an economic survival strategy during this time of crisis. The association of large corporations already agrees to pay higher taxes to exempt the entrepreneurial activities of the common Filipinos. This includes the barter activities we see online.

Barter of Essential Goods

The barter trade is a very ancient form of commerce. Trust is an essential component. This strategy strengthens community relations in the country. Thus bringing out the reliability and unity of Filipinos. There’s no need to convert goods to cash. One can immediately exchange the items with whatever he or she needs from another trader. Indeed a very timely process in the world today with the Covid-19 situation.

Luxury Products are Taking the Back Seat

Luxurious brands now took the back seat in today’s world economy. In fact, the numerous outlets of these big names are on the verge of closing down. This is if they are still afloat. Expensive rentals and manpower are just impossible to maintain without any income. Many people prioritize their daily needs over these luxury items during the current economic disaster.

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