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BBM’s Election Fraud Narrative Made Him the Frontrunner for the 2022 Presidential Election

election fraud

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: The VP election protest.

Massive Sympathy from the 2016 Election Fraud

Bongbong Marcos could be the VP today if not because of the massive digital election fraud in 2016. Witnesses point the anomalies to Smartmatic and the Comelec favoring the current VP. The people only had the mainstream media as the source of information then. But now, they seek for the truth using social media and discovered many things on their own.

Unfair Treatment Despite the Evidence

Despite the numerous evidence on the election fraud submitted to the Supreme Court, the en banc chose to ignore them. Their verdicts were unfavorable to BBM. The anger of the people are evident on social media when local authorities report on such cheating in their area.

The President is Against Smartmatic

The election fraud evidence is very obvious that even the president himself calls on the Senate to make a law that would discontinue the use of Smartmatic. Since the people were deprived of their VP choice in 2016, they vowed to support him strongly to win the presidential race in 2022. The BBM-Sara caravans are the living proof of most Filipinos’ burning passion on this matter.

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