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BBM’s Technique on Starting Up the Economy while Staying Protected


By: Elena Grace Flores
by BBM Youth Channel

BBM: Total Lockdown is Disastrous to the Economy
BBM or Bongbong Marcos said that granular lockdown is essential to certain LGUs with the rising number of Covid-19 infections only. Total lockdown brings financial worries to the people. Since the government cannot give financial assistance anymore, fully vaccinated individuals must be free to work. This can re-start the economy during the pandemic. Also, people’s financial worries can ease up. Not having food on the table for their families is very depressing.

The Economy is Crucial for Families

The reason why the government is speeding up the vaccination process is for the people to move freely. Work must be the next priority after safety, Marcos suggested. Individuals who cannot adapt to the digital profession must continue to do or seek for their expertise outside. Therefore, it’s time to relax restrictions to fully vaccinated Filipinos.

Retain Quality Healthcare

The government’s COVID-19 hazard pay covers public health workers. Whereas, the special risk allowance is for health workers in public and private facilities. They have families too. On top of the risks. It’s the first time in history that medical workers rally on this. Since it’s already done, the DOH must pay at once, Marcos suggested. So, there should not be more delays to retain quality healthcare.

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