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BBMVlog: Bill Gates Warns about the Tough Isolation Conditions in Slums


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

COVID-19: Dagdag Kaalaman | Bongbong Marcos

Watching out for the Coronavirus Infection Peak

Bill Gates said that mass testing is essential to determine the peak of the coronavirus infections in a country. Since this is not done properly, the quarantine procedure or lockdown can at least prevent medical facilities from overloading and exhausting doctors and nurses.
Pumasok na ang buwan ng Abril at nasa pangatlong linggo na tayo ng Enhanced Community Quarantine. Sinasabi ng ibang eksperto na maaaring mahaba pa ang labang ito sa kadahilanang ‘exponential’ ang pagdami ng bilang ng mga kaso. Kung totoo man ito, ihanda natin ang ating mga sarili at bilang isang bayan – harapin ng buong tapang.

The Importance of Immediate Lockdown

Gates also explains the importance of an immediate lockdown just like what the Philippines is doing. Although it is very tough to contain the coronavirus infection in slums where people are living closely with each other, it helps in reaching the peak quickly. Thus separating the vulnerable ones from the rest of the population for proper medical management. 33% per day of new COVID-19 cases would be hard to manage where there is no shut down.

Infected or Infecting People

The light is not at the end of the tunnel yet for the coronavirus cure. However, when the majority of the people in a country develop immunity of the virus, that marks the end of the pandemic. Most people won’t even know they have it. They can be infected and infecting people without symptoms. The immunity stage is at 60% of the population but with the lockdown, hospitals can gradually treat vulnerable patients.

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