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Benefit from Patronizing a Food Bazaar: Sabsaban at Casimiro Village Phase 3

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Why are food bazaars popular to Filipino consumers and merchandisers? Yes not just to buyers but also to the sellers. Let’s start from the consumers’ point of view. It is beneficial to buy from a Food Bazaar because of the following reasons:
– Competitive prices
– Food items are not the usual home cooked meals
– Can avail of Freebies from sponsors
– Can taste products from other merchandisers
– Exciting to be with friends and family
– A very entertaining and worthwhile past-time during the weekends
– Can partake in free activities
– Can be active in the community
– Can hook up with old friends
– Can support local livelihood just for buying daily needs
– Festive environment

Merchandisers too are fond of Food Bazaars – normally because it takes two to tango as they say. There will be no sellers if there are no buyers. So, let’s enumerate:
– Selling is fun in food bazaars
– Profit is not the main target but promoting brand names and products
– Good market research venue
– Ideal setting to reach direct consumers
– Can build continuous cash flow with cash revenues
– Good meeting ground for other entreprenueurs
– A business networking ground

Food bazaars are noted as livelihood program that support small business people in their daily undertakings – and at the same time nurture community relationships through affordable and interesting supplies just right at their own vicinity. So, don’t miss the Sabsaban at Casimiro Village Phase 3 (Food Bazaar), BF International, Las Pinas City from Sept 24, 2015 onwards, Thursdays to Sundays from 4 PM to midnight and the free Zumba sessions every Saturday at 5 to 6 PM. Also don’t miss to download the Food Panda App from the App Store in exchange of Food Panda umbrella for the first 100 patrons during the opening day See you there!

Image Source: CDO