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Benefits of Learning from your Mom

By: Elena Grace Flores
It was a challenge to be given the task out of the blue in drafting a sponsorship letter addressed to Senator Cynthia Villar of Las Pinas City for the construction our village’s community center. According to my research, she is the so-called Mrs. “Hanepbuhay” or Mrs. Excellent Job in English. She is dedicated to creating and providing jobs to Filipinos. It was also intriguing to find out the the richest congressman in 2012 was his son, Mark Villar. Let’s hear what the congressman has to say about his mother:

Mark Villar on What He’s Learned from His Mom

Posted at YouTube by: Cynthia Villar

There are many gossips about the Villar family connecting them to some corruption allegations – but so far, they remain as speculations only. They were never convicted nor found guilty about it. This is probably our chance to find out if she really has the heart in providing livelihood to her people. It’s just a matter of time before we can conclude that she is really the real model of her son in terms of dedication and perseverance in serving society and for being compassionate to the less fortunate.


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