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Biased Media on Presidential Survey Proved Wrong by Netizens’ Street Poll

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By: Elena Grace Flores
PweDelie TV

Biased Media on Presidential Survey

Brainwashing by the media is now unlikely. Netizens resort to social media to prove the biased mainstream media wrong. It is said that surveys can do mind-conditioning. Bongbong Marcos is definitely is the top contender for president. Traditional surveys put Leni Robredo next to him. With a few thousand votes difference. This is very different from the netizens’ street presidential survey. So, they blast these media online. Then, counterchecks the numbers in their reports. They find many exaggerations. Indeed, fooling the Filipinos won’t come in handy anymore.

Social Media’s Role on Election Polls

Social media becomes a platform for people’s voices. Number quotes are often proved wrong by netizens. The street survey reveals that voters prefer Bongbong Marcos to any other presidential candidate. Senator Ping Lacson also looks like he has more numbers than Leni Robredo. Senator Manny Pacquiao also has a few votes like Robredo. Therefore, biased media’s reputation is now on the low. They barely survive due to a lack of sponsors.

Local Reactions

In Cebu, it is in the headline in tabloids how netizens are furious over the misleading presidential surveys by the biased media. This is why netizens take the time to cover the dolomite situation. Plus the motorists’ rally in Bicol for Robredo. Both have discrepancies in numbers. This is why most people won’t read or watch the news anymore through mainstream media channels.

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  1. We really have to be firm in our desire to help the government to change the trapo style of the Filipino candidate. We must vote BbM

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