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Bicolanos are more Dismayed now with Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bicolanos were not very happy when when Leni Robredo announced her bid for the vice presidency last October 5, Bicolanos became more divided on who to vote for in the position in 2016 as Dr Vasil Victoria, a faculty member of the Ateneo de Naga University (ADNU), explained that with Robredo’s adding to the Vice President candidate from Bicol would divide the region more than ever with 3 already running at that time namely; Antonio Trillanes !V, Senator Gringo Honasan and Chiz Escudero

Thereby, making Leni not the favorite among Bicolanos whom many favored her toughest rival Senator Bongbong Marcos for the position instead. The declaration for the winner is uncertain pending investigation on tampered server script that prompted Senator Marcos to demand for the Official Canvass Certificates first before accepting defeat due to some proofs of manipulation of votes that possibly resulted from fraudulent activities by the Liberal Party.

Many Bicolanos are disgusted over Leni’s acting like a willing accomplice of the Liberal Party’s cheating activities. When Marcos was leading, she was very confident that she will win. Pastor Boy Saycon also texted; We cannot support Robredo, now a product of Noynoy-Roxas-Ochoa conspiracy having failed with Mar and Grace. Noynoy destroyed our democracy.

70 thoughts on “Bicolanos are more Dismayed now with Robredo

  1. How did you come up with the conclusion that the Bicolanos were dismayed with Robredo winning?

    1. Thanks for asking…please read the article and you will see who said that. It is not a conclusion but a phrase from the interview.

    2. Pano nga ba nanalo si Lenie kung pati constituents nya sa Bicol hilaw ang siporta sa knya? gusto ko si Lenie nung una pero kapansin pansin na ang pagiging trapo nya. Im sure aware sya sa mga pandaraya ng kapartido nya pra maiupo sya sa VP seat. And I think yan ang main reason kung bakit ayaw syang bigyan ng pwesto ni PDuterte sa cabinet nya and not bec nahihiya sya ke Marcos. Sinabi lng nya yun..

  2. Yes we are dismayed im a bicolano FOI who is leni a rookies in politics.Wake up people

    1. Yes the comment is right and leni is a rookie unlike his opponent. bbm is veteran together with his family history.they tried to put marcoses family down to much more credible to the pilipino people.but its a part of their aquinos propaganda.they will leni but leni didnt think her husband cause of death is in the hand ok aquino.

      1. We know that the Marcoses are veterans when it comes to politics and corruption -NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

        1. you can prove it Santiago? you are nothing but like a mad dog in the senate. wake up people face the reality hindi ang kunting barya ng halalan.

      2. she was a blind political prosti by true manipulation of the yellowtards & cause of death of her husband…

        1. Kaya nga di rin nya pina-imbestiga pagkamatay ng asawa gaya ni Cory kasi pinangakuhan sila ng posisyun sa govt. Dahil hayuk sila sa power at ambisyosa kaya nanahimik sila!

  3. Leni is actually a political prostitute. I’ll bet my last cent for this. Dare?

    1. Yes, she allowed herself to be used by this dirty yellowtards, perhaps there was some money considerations behind

      1. I agree!! Stupid her!!

    2. Well said.
      loud and clear.

      1. Worst to be tagged as Political Prostitute!!

    3. Perfect word for that.,sound harsh but its true ,sorry for the people who voted for her but if they only analyze they will see the truth …

      1. Yes indeed, she was

    4. I like that word, a political prostitute. She really is having allowed herself to be used and abused by the yellow administration for their selfish interests.

    5. Yeah right

    6. Perfect / Truth! The best description /analysis!

  4. She is also a victim manipulated by the Aquino administration. Sorry for her.

    1. Wlling victim!?

    2. She allows herself to be a victim.

    3. nope. alam nya kung ano ang goal nya at ano ang pinasok nya. wag nyo na bigyan ng katwiran yung ginawa ni leni. mismong family friend nila hindi sya binoto dahil dyan sa ginawa nya.

      1. I completely agree. I live in Naga and talked to some luminaries and good friends of Jesse here, they didn’t vote for her.

    4. The victims here are the Filipino voters. Not Leni, nor Bongbong.

  5. Its fraudaulent & fake.

  6. Better make up your mind leni you ruin our country.

  7. Leni Robredo is a puppy. Puppy sit chu chu

  8. #Lenie Political Prostitute Well said.

    Loud and clear

    1. You ask directly to smartmatic so that you will know the trut behind marcos accusation , no evince showed iether , pag natalo dinaya , wakeup duds marcos mandarambong huag sya umasa na halos ng botante sa pinas eh sya ibboto a big NO ……

      1. wag din umasa lahat ng pinoy na malinis pagkapanalo ni leni. bicolano ako pero di namin sya ng family ko binoto. di nya nga maayos distrito nya dito sa naga, pilipinas pa kaya??

      2. Sa aming lugar talamak ang vote buying. Isang ginang huli sa vote buying roxas at robredo ang nakalagay sa sobre. Kapatid KO gawing leader para manghakot ng mga tao bigyan ng 3k iboto LNG c roxas at robredo. At ano pa gusto nyong proof? Ng lipana ang proof pero dpa tlaaga napansin.

      3. really???? sino ba talaga mandarambong ngayon????? dba daya at nakaw lang ang boto kay leni & yet napakakapal nya magbuhat ng sariling bangko inspite of the garapalang anomalies during the election tapos sinabi pa nya na baka dayain sha ni marcos. i myself thru my kumare whose a coordinator and other coodedinator friends in quezon province know na ang lakas nya sa vote buying like ballpens w/ 1k in it pati na envelopes w/ 500 in it. bbm doesnt have a coordinator there pati poll watcher wala sha pero duterte and marcos ang halos lahat duon kaya takangtaka rin sila panong si leni nanalo? kung hirap kayong maniwala na daya ang pagkapanalo ni leni, mas hirap kaming maniwala na natalo ni leni si bbm dahil iilan lang my gusto sakanya sa quezon aside from the fact na ilang local ng inc andon at lahat ng binitbit nh inc na kandidato don ay nanalo except for bbm kaya nga pati inc nagtataka

      4. Patunayan mo na mandarambong si Marcos.kailan ka ipinanganak? Wala ka alam sa katutuhanan imulat mo mga mata mo may nagawa ba ang 2 aquino sa bansa natin? Hindi mo ang kilala ang mga Marcos para sabihan mo ng mandarambong.isa kang mangmang.

  9. I am sure that if Jesse were in Leni’s shoes right now, he would never be comfortable with whatever slim lead he has over BBM given all the doubts on the honesty of canvassing. probably, he will even be the first to demand a recount or he might not even accept the win under all the doubt and uncertainty. Definitely he will not be a party to any manipulation of votes.

    1. I doubt if Lp will get Leni if Jesse is still alive.

  10. I am bicolana too, but I am not agree to her, coz she destroyed the name of (Late) DILG JESSIE ROBREDO,

  11. Money is the root of evil!so disgusted!

    1. Exactly! It’s Biblical!

    2. Yup that’s right! In exchange of her moral! Stupid!!

  12. I feel bad for the daughters of Mrs Robredo. They will be ones who will carry the shame their Mother will bring if she is declared as the VP winner. No way she outvoted BBM!

  13. Where the fuck that 400 million campaign money came from Leni? #politicalprosti

  14. Completely lost my respect for this woman.No integrity. She knows that election was rigged. How dumb can she be? She’s enjoying the limelight plus the money that came wt it. Idiot.But then she flanked the Bar 3x. .how true?

  15. So many evidence of cheating of Liberal party just to win this race .. and as we know panot aquino already stated that he will do his very best no matter what just not let another Marcos win in highest position .. thats why he manipulate the result by inputing more votes for leni . i have watched all their videos .. leni is claiming hier victory even its not yet finish the counting .. she know already tgat .. ..

  16. Lies& Half-truths peddled by sore losers. tsk,tsk tsk pathetic!

  17. Galing daw sa lugaw at ice cream yung 406 million ni aleng leni hahaha

  18. that’s the reality of winning because of cheating..tasteless..leni is just a victim of these greedy people behind her unlawful victory..the sad thing is..she had submitted herself to be a purpose Manual counting must be done…… for an honest result would give peace to all BBM Supporters..& to our country …to have the right Vice President….

  19. Ang galing niyo namang maggawa ng kuwento…. how much do u need to get paid for an article like this?

    1. Make your own survey and write about it…

  20. How much do u get paid for an article like this?

    1. How much for you to ask that question? Perhaps you can work for me?

  21. She should be responsible enough, if think and feel dat shes not worth for the position den dont be it. It is a big shame on herself esp to her family.dpat wag siya mgpagamit sa mga taonmakasarili..bbm is the real vice president..

  22. What I see in her is an ambitious rookie!

  23. POLITICAL PROSTITUTE! Good for her….

  24. Dinaya pag natalo..bago pa ba ang ganitong issue pag election? get over it..losers hahaha

  25. Bicolanos are not “dismayed” with Leni, but rather we are dismayed on how your article is being presumptous of our sentiments. Did you see how the Bicolanos voted for her?

    1. Well not all bicolanos voted her.. Im from naga city, kung hnd sya ngpagamit s LP bka sinupotahan din sya ng nakararami.. The article was true..many bicolanos were dismayed..

    2. Would you pls count all those who commented on this article? How many are pro BBM compared to Leni? Dito Na lang panalo Na si BBM. Isa itong klase ng survey Na nagpapakita Na mas maraming bumoto kay BBM. Si Leni ay nanalo Lang sa pandaraya.

  26. Yes there is also vote buying. And she kept on making alive martial law and always question the track record of bbm including duterte.

  27. My mother is also bicolana from del gallego camarines sur but we are for BBM. We love BBM and you Leni lugaw pati utak mo napuno ng lugaw kaya dika na nakakapagisip ng tama

  28. How much for this kind of article? Hahaha!

    1. How much for your bad mouth?

  29. mismong kababayan niya ayaw sa kanya hindi siya kayang ipagtangol . Hindi na mawawala sa mata ng tao yan basta sinabing leni lobredo hidni siya dapat irespeto alam niya iyun kung bakit.. mismong President natin walang tiwala sa kanya.

  30. walang gagawin yan kungdi mag pa ganda lang at ubusin ang pera ng bayan. tangina mag resign na lang sya pahirap lang sya ky pres digong!

  31. For so much obsession for political ambition,fame and popularity… Integrity,dignity,honor and sincerity didnt matter anymore. What those earthly ambitions can do.

  32. Di ba sabi niya na magreresign from the very first day kung si Duterte ang magiging presidente, bakit nandidiyan pa ang bruha?

  33. baka mag sisi sya dahil nagpa gamit sya sa mga dilaw..cguro deep inside alam nyang mali sya sa desisyon from naga also but i didnt like her to win ..bbm is still more credible and most deserving..nilason ng mga dilaw ang isipan ng mga tao para magalit sa mga marcos pero tingnan nyo may nagawa ba ang mga kaso nalang ni ninoy dalawa na silang umupo as presidente bakit di nila nalaman ang pumatay sa tatay nya..kasi alam naman talaga nila kung sino ang pumatay kamag anak din..

  34. Im bikolana and i dont like her..nabubulagan xa s posisyon n gusto nyang abutin pero s maling paraan..idnklara k mng vp pero s puso ng ibang tao nakatatak n sau ang taguring pandaraya…at hindi n un mawawala..kawawa mga anak m n mag aani ng ginawa m..

  35. Perfect words for leneng lugaw majority of all Filipinos around the world never give respect for her she’s a ( fucking political prostitute) shame on you gurang cheater

  36. If I’m Leni….
    I will face the truth that I’m not the real winner of VP race,I will redirect my people who trusted and cares for me for the sake of my own respect and my family’s dignity specially my children.

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