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Big Bellies Signify Diseases Caused by Childhood Pains

By: Elena Grace Flores

obesity (Photo credit: Iqbal Osman1)

Hormones that trigger Obesity and Diabetes are found to be developed as early as childhood. In the article written by Robert Preidt on March 20, 2014, stated that there are credible findings that adults who were abused or neglected as children were more at risk to these diseases than those who are well-taken cared of emotionally and physically.

Maltreatment both physical and emotional including sexual abuse or even neglect can actually result to a more serious degree of obesity and diabetes. The study focused on the examination of Leptin which is an appetite regulator affecting the fat levels. The metabolizing energy called Irisin and Adiponectin which decreases bodily inflammation were also the other important elements during the experiment.

Abnormal levels of these hormones constitute risk for obesity already. Those who had the most traumatic childhood experiences showed to have a lot higher Leptin  and Irisin levels with lower Adiponectin level. Note that when testing the subjects, their diet, exercise routines plus lifestyle differences were accounted for – but Leptin and Irisin remained high that matches the extremity of childhood sufferings.

A bulging belly thereby signifies childhood trauma because the stress experienced earlier on was affecting the endocrine system – and progressed towards adult life. Knowing this relevance to these diseases dating back to childhood can help a lot in finding remedies and preventive measures against cardiac problems later on.

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