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Bihomadu: The Binay, Honasan, Marcos and Duterte Alliance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Known to his immediate move, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte consented to the formation of a new alliance between election allies; Jojo Binay, Gringo Honasan, Bongbong Marcos and himself – that they call Bihomadu. The need of such group arised when most laws in the constitution are bypassed by government agencies such as the Comelec, Supreme Court and the Ombudsman just to please the Aquino administration.

The mandate of this group is to counter act such twisted rulings with physical evidences in respect to the real context of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. During election, outgoing Vice President Binay was already so vocal with his alliance with Bongbong Marcos – but a bit discrete when it comes to Duterte so as not to confuse voters who are anti – Liberal. If they don’t like Binay for president, they go for Duterte and vise versa – and it worked unseating the Liberal’s bet in the top position of the land.

Senator Gringo Honasan even endorsed Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency even if he’s also a candidate as Binay’s running mate. The alliance was prompted by the close connection between Binay Brigade’s Pastor Boy Saycon and President Duterte. So, more actions to come from the Bihomadu group who will do anything just to preserve the real democracy for the country.


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