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Bill Gates as Harvard’s Most Successful Dropout

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Although everything can’t be learned in school, it is still a great experience to be in a very prestigious learning institution. This is the experience of Bill Gates, now the billionaire of the technology world but used to be Harvard’s dropout. The difficulties, pains and failures he experienced while studying became his inspiration to be second to nobody in his chosen field – for this, he deserves to be Harvard’s doctorate degree recipient. It’s not about graduating from college but it’s what you went through and how you get about becoming the person that you are at present! Watch and listen to this closely:

Motivational – Bill Gates Speech at Harvard

Posted at YouTube by: Dave Sheahan

The mindset that you have to finish school and get a degree to be successful is not applicable to all. Exceptional people can make a fortune even without it. Life is not perfect so, we all have to learn in making the most of what we have but one thing is for sure – if you have a poor or poverty mentality, you will surely end up there! So, whatever you do, live with the hope in that you can do greater things with your given talents in any situation that you are in. That’s is the greatest challenge in life!

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