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Binay-Aquino: Relationship Soured when “People first before Interest” no longer Served by Pnoy!

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A human rights lawyer Jejomar Binay, the outgoing Vice President represented some alleged martial law victims during in 1986. He supported Cory Aquino hoping that the oppressed will be given justice that the late Ferdinand Marcos’ administration denied for being a part of such maltreatments.

Binay took care of Cory from the beginning of the revolution and was seen as a constant companion of her son Noynoy, like in Makati thanking residents for voting in favor of Cory when the snap election was conducted. So as someone whom the Aquinos knew personally, there’s truth on what he disclosed regarding a controversial statement from Cory to make the Filipinos suffer so that they would blame Marcos for it.Binay became mayor of Makati then Vice President of Noynoy but resigned from Pnoy’s Cabinet in 2015 and became the main opposition criticizing the Aquino administration.

Binay tagged Cory’s son as ineffective, insensitive, and bumbling then ran for President and forged an alliance with another popular Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte who is now the Presumptive President. They turn their back aginst each other basically because, the common goal between Pnoy and Binay which is to prioritize the people first before personal interests is not anymore practiced in Pnoy’s presidency. So, the Edsa efforts did not serve the purpose – and realizations for Binay came the hard way that the Marcoses wanted only what’s good for the country and became aware of the media propaganda used against the Marcoses by experiencing it himself.


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