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Binay Branding: Political Dynasty can only Happen with Good Track Record

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Political Dynasty is a tradition in the Philippines just like in the United States of America. Voters are normally inclined to vote for candidates with familiar surnames such as Binay – and like a good brand, the Family name with good track record often emerges as the winner! Why is this not acceptable to some politicians? Don’t they have good family reputation or no one in the family interested enough to continue the legacy of the older relative?

Read this article from GMA about “What is Wrong with Political Dynasty?” where the following insight was quoted:

By making this argument, I do not mean to discredit dynastic politicians who, through their actions, have expressed commitment to reform Philippine politics. Congressman Erin Tañada has been at the forefront of institutionalizing transparency through the Freedom of Information Bill. Senator Pia Cayetano has strengthened the system of rights through the Magna Carta for Women and the RH bill. Senator TG Guingona has been the champion of participatory modes of governance in budget reform. It is indisputable that some dynastic politicians have a good track record of advocating progressive policies but these individual achievements have done little in dismantling the structures that perpetuate political exclusion in a representative democracy. It is only when a person who has worked up the ranks in a political organization can stand an equal chance of being elected with a candidate with a political last name can we consider dynasties as fair practices in a democratic process. – See more at:

This being said, the good name of Vice President Jejomar Binay coupled with his proven track record moving up to the ranks, made him the strongest contender for the Philippine Presidential election in 2016.

Image Source: Inquirer

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