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Binay Concedes to Duterte Formally but Lots of Laughter during Talk

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Binay and Duterte’s ties can never be faked when these two are talking to each other. They talk as they are. No formalities, no seriousness – just pure fun but with sense. They just learned to discern the important things in life from mere status, prestige and fame. They are simple but happy people.

Take it from UNA’s Press Release:

13 May 2016
Reference: Mon Ilagan

Statement of Joey Salgado: UNA Communications Director

We ask everyone to set aside partisanship and help the incoming administration move this nation towards unity and healing.

The Vice President respects the voice of the people. He congratulates the president elect and wishes him all the best. The VP called up the president-elect yesterday (Thursday) before 6PM. Mayor Junjun Binay was present when VP called up and he describes the talk as light and cordial, filled with laughter which is not surprising considering their ties.

During that conversation, The Vice President addressed the president-elect as “Mr. President.”


2 thoughts on “Binay Concedes to Duterte Formally but Lots of Laughter during Talk

  1. Even if I did not vote for VP Jojo Binay, I admire his civility and his being a gentleman. There may be allegations of graft and corruption against him but unless they are proven in court, they are just allegations. And just to ask a question, “Who among us have not committed any sin?” They might say, “But his sin is by the billions of pesos. Ours is only very small compared to what he did.” But sin is sin and Roman 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death.” So that before we criticize the mote in another person’s eye, let us remove first what is in ours. If VP Binay is really guilty, let justice have its course. However, it is not for us to condemn a person while its course has not reached its end. And even if assuming he is found guilty, we still do not have to condemn him. Kung baga, sa kalagayang ganun, nasa gutter na siya, aapakan pa ba natin?

    1. Yes we agree on your opinion, God Bless you indeed,

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