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Binay: Many Plunder Complaints but No Single Case Filed

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The National Statistics Office’s record used as reference for the allegations against Binay that the controversial Makati City Hall building 2 is overpriced was trashed by the Ombudsman and will not hold as evidence. This is the very reason why complainants can only file Plunder affidavit complaints that has reached up to four times now – but still no case can be filed.

In the real court, these accusations cannot stand, it can be used only in the Senate hearings just to make noises for negative publicity against Binay who is the top presidentiable for 2016. The same media proaganda is used to discredit the rest of the members of the Binay family who are also holding public office. Another hearsay evidence that the Blue Ribbon Committee Senators were holding to is that of ex-Vice President Mercado saying; If the vice mayor earned kickbacks from projects, the mayor did too. Lawyers should know that this is not credible but some senators who are also practicing lawyers tolerated this.

Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay, his son, also was not treated with respect. They are trying to make him responsible for the aleged crimes commited by the previous mayor. All Makati projects were under strict scrutiny and followed the guidance of the Commission on Audit.It’s now been 10 years that the “hearsay” senators are discreditting the Vice President and his family but with no success.

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  1. Biny is the Best! 2016 President Jejomar Binay!

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