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Binay-Marcos Truth: Palace Panic not because of Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Media propaganda is again used by the Pnoy Administration announcing the false merger of Binay, Poe, Mirriam and Roxas. This is not true at all.

The truth is…Hilario Andes of Binay Brigade reported: Malacanang in panic not because of the manipulated surveys where Duterte leads but because there’s no stopping a Binay-Bongbong administration. The report is from our former colleagues at PCOO.

Do not let media propaganda destroy our country again. Be wise in voting. Only for Binay-Marcos.

3 thoughts on “Binay-Marcos Truth: Palace Panic not because of Duterte

  1. I truly believe that Binay-Bongbong tandem will Win the 2016 Election, bcoz of thier Sincerety to serve and Uphold the Future of the Filipino people. They have the brightess ideas among other Candidates.they have the lists of the chosen Senatorial candidates, which are capable to work with them.also more silent voter’s specially gov’t employees and officers.and most of all May Nagawa Na.Hindi na tau Magbbakasakali Lang.Godbless Us All!

  2. I and my family will surely vote Binay for President of the Philippines, Insha Allah.

  3. YES!
    Only JEJOMAR CABAUATAN BINAY for President…
    “A MAN Of ACTION ”
    A Man who possess a “GOLDEN HEART ”
    “#onlyB1nay who cares the children and senior citizens…”

    Everything is possible with Lord God Almighty.

    God bless you vp Jojo Binay for President of the Republic of the Philippines… May 9, 2016.

    ~~ mahal kita ~~

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