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Binay on Healthcare for Philippines

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s heart-breaking watching news on TV with regards to fellow Filipinos carrying their dead child because there’s nowhere to go for proper cure when you do not have money in the Philippines. Sure, you can always go to health centers or public hospitals but there’s no guarantee to prioritize you because of the long lineup and limited facilities plus supplies.

This is the very reason why Vice President Jejomar Binay’s priority goal for his 2016 Presidential bid is to provide free quality healthcare and insurance to all Filipinos. Take the case of his healthcare programs in Makati. When you or your child is sick, you just have to go to your baranggay’s healthcare center then the doctor will give you prescription – for you to pick up your free medications from Palanan Center. You can do all that without any money from your pocket or at least you just need minimal transportation fees if you do not like to walk.

That scenario in Makati is possible if you have the Makati Health Plus Card. Aside from the free consultations and medications, you can also take advantage of some scheduled free testing and surgeries for cataract or glaucoma procedures. Other diseases will be subject to individual cases but one thing is sure – that you can have a quality healthcare perhaps not luxury healthcare but good enough to live a descent life as you age. Vice President Binay wants all Filipinos to avail of this healthcare programĀ  when he become President in 2016. Make sure to cast your votes in favor of Binay if you want a healthy Philippines!

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