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While Binay is Retraining Traffic Enforcers, Duterte Responding too slow on Police Brutality


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Makati City Mayor Abby Binay, daughter of former Vice President Jejomar Binay now spearheading the immediate retraining of Makati Public Safety Department or MAPSA traffic enforcers in her quest to improve their professional competence and instill ethical practices in their ranks. This is in response of Senator Nancy Binay’s call also to remind law enforcers that human rights must not be violated as they do their duty in arresting law offenders with maximum tolerance.

Values formation and personality development are also part of the training so that their performance in their jobs will show their being competent, with integrity and decorum, unlike the most recent police brutality that led to the death of a motorcyclist despite his being handcuffed by HPG cops. John Dela Riarte’s autopsy report, showed that he was shot four times, three of them fatal with one directly into the heart. Clearly an overkill because there’s no way that he could overpower 3 cops as clearly shown in the citizen’s video that went viral now.

Binay is really into the welfare of the people because she encouraged the public to report erring MAPSA enforcers through the city’s official Twitter account, @MakatiTraffic, and My Makati on Facebook. Whereas Duterte is either too slow in reacting about the the police brutality or just chose to be mum about it because all these killings are triggered by his means of allegedly stopping crimes that can only escalate with his ways of doing things.

Ricardo Suarez, officer-in-charge of MAPSA, is convinced that “the training would cover topics aimed at improving their professional competence, promote ethical practices and personality development” – to perhaps avoid becoming like Duterte’s cops.

City personnel officer Vissia Marie Aldon also said that casual employees of MAPSA whose contracts lapsed last June 30, 2016 could still re-apply. This is proof that the government itself is utilizing contractualization and Makati is doing something about it since the President is not suggesting other solutions as ENDO substitutes for seasonal needs – after his drastic threats to close down companies not following his no ENDO order. Can he shut down his own government or these are exceptions?


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3 thoughts on “While Binay is Retraining Traffic Enforcers, Duterte Responding too slow on Police Brutality


  2. The Binays really and sincerely care for the welfare of their constituents. We the people if Makati are more secured with the Binays ‘ reforms, services and programs in Makati. More Power to you Mayor Abby Binay!

  3. Make Makati great again Mayor Abby Binay!!!

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