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Binay and Robredo have Many Things in Common

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Despite the many negative reports about incoming Vice President Leni Robredo, it cannot be denied that she is a special woman in her own simple way. It is just surprising why a determined woman like her would allow Liberal Party to somewhat enslave her. Perhaps she did not have a choice given the circumstances? Now that she already got the highest public office among his peers, she should be able to display already her real character, his aspirations and plans for the country.

Rappler wrote: Although they come from opposing political camps, Binay and Robredo have several things in common. They are both lawyers and both took strong stands – albeit in different capacities – against late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Binay was a human rights lawyer during the Marcos dictatorship. Robredo, meanwhile, joined student protests back then. Unlike Binay, however, Robredo will not have a concurrent Cabinet post on top of being vice president. (READ: How Robredo plans to ‘hit the ground running’ as VP) Under the Philippine Constitution, the vice president has no specific role in government. Traditionally, a president appoints the vice president to the Cabinet. Binay, despite belonging to a different ticket from outgoing President Benigno Aquino III, was given the housing portfolio.

The report added: He also served as an adviser on concerns of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). President-elect Duterte earlier said he is not keen on appointing Robredo to the Cabinet just yet because he does not know her personally. You’ll always be able to find a way to work if you want to,” said the outgoing vice president. Binay travelled extensively during his vice presidency, something Robredo plans to do as well. Robredo told Binay, according to a statement released by the current Office of the Vice President. You’re tireless in going around the Philippines. There were areas where I thought only I had been to, but the people there would say VP Binay has been here. And you’ve been to some areas more than once.


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