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Binay-Santiago: Slow to Concede but Duterte’s Biggest Allies

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Outpouring of criticisms flooded social media when Jojo Binay and Merriam Defensor Santiago did not concede right away to the winning President, Rodrigo Duterte. Well, it obviously was not a priority for them – because they were Duterte’s biggest allies and supporters from the start anyway.

It is not hard to understand when you know that the opposition needs to unite to topple the reigning Liberal Party. We saw them play their games on TV and mind you, they were really good actor and actress. However, if you listen carefully to Duterte saying that Binay is the most qualified for president and to Santiago, action speaks louder than words – they were like a love tandem but they are really good friends with Binay as well.

Despite all these, even individual supporters did not understand the main goal to unite against LP – and continued to bully these two. Just sit back and relax – watch Duterte as he appoints good people for his cabinet from Binay and Merriam’s pool! They are for unity once and for all regardless of political party. Well done, Duterte, Binay and Santiago.

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