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Binay Supporters: The Underdog will Rise Again

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In 2010, Binay supporters were the silent majority when Vice President Jejomar Binay won the Vice Presidential race. He did not even topped any surveys then. The victory will be repeated if it’s meant to be.


Like-minded individuals agree that there’s no political platform that is better than that of V.P. Binay’s. His plans that he already implemented in Makati are what the masses need to live a better life in the country and gain respect from overseas at the same time.


V.P. Binay’s practice as a humanitarian lawyer would ensure that all are treated fairly. The future first lady, Dr. Elenita Binay if he wins will be a joy to the public service sector together with the rest of the family. So, for this coming election, one big shout for Binay only!


1 thought on “Binay Supporters: The Underdog will Rise Again

  1. I had a very interesting conversation with a Taxi driver yesterday. He ask me who’s my president. I just smiled at him. Then, he started sharing an analogy:

    “Sabi nya, kung susuriin mo, sinasabi nila maunlad sa Davao eh bakit ang daming mga taga Davao ang nagtatrabaho at gustong magtrabaho sa Makati? At kung iyong susurin muli, maraming hindi taga makati ang gustong tumira sa makati, bakit? dahil daw sa health benefits and better free education. Pero wala kang maririnig na gustong lumipat sa Davao para magtrabaho or lumipat para maka-avail ng mga benepisyo nito.” May punto si manong.

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