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Binay’s Edsa Role possible for Marcos’ Return win or lose, the real Protest

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Analysts already voiced out their opinions that in most cases, especially the OFWs switching to Duterte based on this article by GMA: – was an indication that Duterte won as protest votes by the majority of dissatisfied Filipinos on the Pnoy administration. As usual, outgoing President Noynoy Aquino is still in limbo with the real sentiments of the people against him.

Now, with the obvious irregularities between Pnoy’s Vice Presidential bet Leni Robredo and arch rival Senator Bongbong Marcos, Liberal Party again underestimated the intelligence of Filipinos and it is now creating great anger – more than the angst they created through media propaganda that led to the Edsa Revolution. This is probably the reason why they do not stop ruining Binay’s name despite the end of election and he already conceded to Duterte. They knew what Binay is capable of doing in aid to his and Gringo Honasan’s real Vice Presidential bet; Marcos – given his role during Edsa.

Feel the injustices done from Belina Jereza’s comments pertaining to Leni’s following Migz Zubiri’s example (stepping down in favor of Koko Pimentel amidst election irregularities allegedly committed by PGMA: That is the right thing to do. She herself knows what is going on but I guess she gets carried away and actually thought that she overtook BBM which is impossible. For one thing she is not well known secondly, she is in tandem with Mar Roxas, as far I’ve observed he has no concerne for the world(walang paki-alam sa mundo), all he cares about is to become the President of the Philippines and must likely continue the corruption within or amongst the elites. So, how is it possible that on the night of May 9, 2016 BBM was 1 million or so ahead of Leni then boommmm they changed the HASH CODE, and suddenly she was ahead of BBM. She knows it as well as those liars in the COMELEC, they want Leni in because they have a plan and she is the only ticket to their success that is why they cheated not only to BBM but to the Filipino people as well. They should change for once and concede to BBM because he is the true winner and the choice of the majority. It is obvious. Wow I can’t believe it that the COMELEC has underestimated the Filipino people’s intelligence. Leni, it will come back to hunt you and you will not be able to sleep at night. Don’t be like them. Stay as honest as you are after all, it is just a position; give it to the real winner which is BBM.

1 thought on “Binay’s Edsa Role possible for Marcos’ Return win or lose, the real Protest

  1. Leni is a good wife of Sec. Jesse Robredo but she’s a victim of circumstances that she doesn’t realize yet about the “accidental accident” plane crash death of her husband. She’s just used by pnoy and manoy as VP to compensate her grieving heart so that she would not pursue any future senate investigation or reinvistigation of the mysterious death surrounding Jesse’s “accident”. She’s just a pawn use by B.S.A. and not realizing it. ahhh,,,,just my one cent idiotic thought…..

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