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Binay’s TSONA are Factual to Sensible Filipinos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Listen to this Audio Recording of Vice President Binay’s TSONA:

Posted at Youtube By: Widus Bogart

The following are the 3 main messages of the True State of the Nation Address:
1. The Government should prioritize giving quality services to the public
2. The People are the drivers of economy so, they should be empowered
3. Honor the real heroes of the country: SAF 44 – the military as a whole, OFWs – along with teachers, laborers, fishermen, farmers and the likes

Who can deny that? Only close-minded people right?Individuals who put organizers or venue heads in hot water are truly bias –¬†¬† like the one reported at Inquirer . Never mind, it looks like the students are greatly empowered which is a good news. Going forward it’s not the mistakes of the previous governments that matter but it’s what the government can do in the future – hand in hand with its citizens! Now you know why the palace had to hit back on Binay as per Manila Bulletin.

Image Source: Manila Bulletin

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