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BIR: Bongbong Marcos has No Pending Tax Obligations Contrary to Atty. Te’s Claim


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Fanaticz

[VIDEO]: BIR: Bongbong Marcos is Fully Paid

BIR Tax Receipts

According to the BIR receipts, Bongbong Marcos paid all his tax obligations contrary to the petitioners’ claims that he did not pay the fine for the non-filing of taxes case. This truly proves that Atty. Theodore Te and his consultant, former Chief Justice Antonio Carpio are a bunch of liars.

Penalty Payment

The total payment as per the receipt was of Php 67,000. This covers the penalties for the 4 years in question. This is quite a simple evidence to procure. Why can’t Atty. Te get it? Of course he can but just wants to magnify the negative finding for the media to sensationalize.

Character Assassination

The anti-Marcos stalwarts are famous for making accusations using legal means with evidence from the mainstream media or online references that do not stand in court. Then, the media delivers misleading headlines to the public. This serves as a character assassination attempt. The disqualification petitions over the alleged tax cases are nothing but media propaganda.

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