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Bitchiness caused Paolo Ballesteros’ suspension from Eat Bulaga

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Paolo Ballesteros, TV Host and make up artist spoke up about his absence on Eat Bulaga after his alleged suspension by TAPE management about four months ago. Palo said that he is under a six months suspension for being a bitch. This is the reason why Lola Tidora disappeared from the regular Eat Bulaga scenes. However, he is looking forward to reappear again in September. That’s quite a long forced vacation but that’s the price to be paid by misbehaving

Paolo is really missing Eat Bulaga and his fans also are very expressive in are also so expressive in opening up their feeling via social media particularly Twitter. Paolo is also overwhelmed with the “miss you” messages.

Even on Instagram, all the comments are ‘I miss you, I miss you.’ It is good that Paolo has learned to control his mood with this experience.

Good thing that he is currently doing Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend, and another film under Jun Robles Lana called Die Beautiful.


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