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Black Americans Hail Duterte on Drug War Issues

drug war

By: Elena Grace Flores

Why Are You Killing Blacks | Filipino President Duterte to America

Duterte’s Response to Drug War Criticisms

A British journalist gets a blow from President Rodrigo Duterte. He asks about the drug war accusation of the UN. Duterte retaliates. Ask America why are they killing blacks? What has it done with it? This is not a new inquiry. Something that black Americans continuously ask. The Filipino leader just refreshes the inquiry. This time, in a hypothetical way that can give everyone the aha moment. So, understand it.

Media Demonizing the Drug War

The American media together with their counterparts worldwide is notable for demonizing relevant efforts in minimizing crimes. They often use humanitarian reasons. Sometimes, to the verge of protecting the criminals instead of the victims. The President’s question must also be answered. Why is the UN mum about the killings of black Americans in the US? Is the death of a black man more relevant than the deaths of Filipino criminals or casualties of the drug war?

The Human Rights Principle

Duterte lashes some more by asking if the quantity matters. The media often likes to exaggerate to capture public interest. Can 10 Filipino drug war casualties justify one black man criminal or not? Does that change the human rights principle? Can the UN answer that? Apartheid is actually not really gone. Perhaps hidden in a different name. Respect begets respect. Leaders must take care of their own people. The best way they know how.

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