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Supreme Court Decision: This is What BBM can Tell Robredo

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores

The former senator and son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos recently said that he is a candidate for a position in the 2022 national elections. The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo immediately retaliates by saying that Bongbong Marcos must accept whatever the results will be in the electoral protest if he runs. This may include his possible defeat,she added. BBM can only reciprocate Robredo’s advise. In fact, it goes to both of them. The sitting VP should have known that a Supreme Court decision on the case is more likely. This can be detrimental to her fight.

YouTube video by
CJ Peralta assures fair decision on Marcos poll protest vs Robredo

As a lawyer, Robredo should know that it is one’s decision to accept any verdict from a protest regardless of the result. She has no rights by all means to force Marcos to accept the outcome or not. She can only pray that the case can drag along longer for it to be moot during the election in May 2022.

Will the Supreme Court Favor Bongbong Marcos?/h3>
Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta dismisses public apprehensions that his appointment as the top magistrate could affect the poll protest in favor of former senator Marcos. His FEM burial vote is the only one that favors the Marcoses. However, experts say that the changes in the Supreme Court make it very difficult for Robredo. This is because, most magistrates are appointees of the President.

Appointees of the President in the Supreme Court

President Rodrigo Duterte appoints two new justices to the Supreme Court. Associate Justices Edgardo delos Santos and Mario Lopez. They took their oath in Malacañang last year. They replaced retired justices Antonio Carpio and Francis Jardeleza, respectively. Duterte has yet to appoint one more associate justice to complete the 15-member high court. It is now dominated by 11 Duterte appointees. This includes Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta.

Peralta’s Leadership is Until 2022

Peralta is the third chief magistrate to be appointed by Duterte. This is after the historic ouster of Maria Lourdes Sereno. The first two are Teresita Leonardo De Castro retires as head of the Supreme Court after a two-month stint. Then, Lucas Bersamin, steps down on October 18 upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 70. Peralta will lead the high court until March 2022.

Strategic Election Move

Marcos talks about the election strategy to not announce the specifics of his candidacy earlier. However, his running for a post alone is already significant in itself. If he’s lucky enough to emerge as the winner of the protest, he can have a lot of sympathies even from non-Marcos supporters for the Presidency. He can also opt to run as VP again should the decision is unfavorable to him. Perhaps, with a running mate strong enough to win and who is also willing to step down for him to become President.

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BBM Focuses on Taal Volcano Help Logistics While Some UP Historians Bash Him

Taal volcano

By: Elena Grace Flores

BBM or Bongbong Marcos earlier calls for the revision of history textbooks. He claims that their family’s recent court victories prove that the criminal accusations against them are false. In response to that, some UP History professors said the government must hold the Marcoses accountable for the billions of dollars that they allegedly stole from the nation’s coffers. However, the court finds no evidence of such accusation nor confirm that the government that time had that much money. Therefore, instead of retaliating, BBM concentrates on the Taal volcano help logistics with the local government’s assistance.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
Tulong Taal | Bongbong Marcos

Marcos cannot hide his anger upon knowing that there are mask hoarders. They sell these masks at a higher rate. This prompt him to order some affordable masks from China at once. Then, the distribution was in an instant to various affected areas in Batangas.

Free Food for Taal Volcano Evacuees

The son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos finds it in his heart to commend those food establishments like M. Catillo Eatery that provides free food to the evacuees. This is a major initiative from a citizen of the country. He can never thank them enough on behalf of the victims who need all the help they can get in this time of natural disaster.

Damages Brought about by the Eruptions

Taal volcano spews ashes for two weeks now. Ash falls even reach Manila. The once lush plantations are now unrecognizable. More than 150,000 residents need to evacuate. However, cash and in kind donations also keep on coming in. BBM concludes that the Filipinos are indeed the kindest people in the world.

Health Hazards of the Volcanic Ash

BBM warns that the volcanic ash must not be taken lightly. These ashes are heated up and can be inhaled as very fine foreign substance of the lungs. Thus, causing infections that can lead to serious problems. Asthma attacks are more likely among children and senior citizens that have low immune system.

Taal Volcano

Magma continues to deform the Taal Volcano island. Its movement results in an “uplift” of the volcano. That could be an indication of a possible explosive eruption, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said recently. The former Senator also warns to make use of the masks despite the occasional calm phase of the volcano because the ashes are still on the air.

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Election Tips: The Father of Sinulog on Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

The father of Sinulog in Cebu, David Odilao or Boy as he is fondly called, speaks highly of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. He mentions at the 888 New Forum, Marco Polo Hotel that the notable leader was very particular on his appointees. He always looked for someone who did not need to acquire wealth anymore. In fact, as Regional Director of the former Ministry of Sports and Youth Development originally, he started the Sinulog festival. Odilao’s designation then was not directly linked to the late President. General Fabian C. Ver made his recommendation. Odilao shares his insights on Bongbong Marcos’ candidacy for the upcoming election given his experience in dealing with politicians.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
The father of Sinulog in Cebu, David “Boy” Odilao may have served during the Marcos regime but needs to wait and see for the son.

Odilao added that during the Marcos regime, there were many projects that made a difference. Initiatives were supported. He then urged the audience to continue contributing to society regarless of who sits as president. When asked about Bongbong Marcos’ running for a national position in 2022, he said that he has learned in his life to look at what a candidate can do for the country and not the family name.

Wait and See for Bongbong Marcos

Odilao might be a fan of the father but he advises to wait and see for the son. One should look at other candidates as well, he explained. As of now, he can only say “no comment” for Bongbong Marcos’ election bid in 2022. It’s better to be neutral for the time being for him. There’s no doubt that he has many friends from the different political parties.

Balik Baroto Regatta

The first “Sinulog sa SRP” on Friday features two events: the colorful “Balik Baroto Regatta” in the morning and a fireworks musical competition in the evening. This takes place in the vicinity of the Il Corso Filinvest Lifestyle malls at South Road Properties. Odilao announces that there are 50 paddle and sailboats in the competition. These are for the two categories of baroto race and the baroto showcase of Sinulog relevance.

Strictly for Fishermen Only

Odilao stresses that only certified fishermen can join the competition. This starts and ends at Il Corso while the participants have until SM Seaside City Cebu before their return to the starting line. For the baroto race, the first placer will get P100,000; second, P75,000; third, P50,000; fourth, P30,000; and fifth, P20,000. The sixth to tenth finishers will get P10,000 each while a consolation prize of P5,000 will be also given out. As for the baroto showcase, the first placer will get P50,000; second, P40,000; third, P30,000; fourth, P20,000; and fifth, P10,000 courtesy of the City of Cebu.

A National Open Eyed Before the Election in 2022

Odilao said when the event is successful, they intend to open the Regatta nationally next year. This is a year prior to 2022 national where Bongbong Marcos contemplates seeking a post. The Sinulog sa SRP was conceptualized by then SRP Management Office head Jose Daluz III. This was before his appointment to the Metropolitan Cebu Water District Board. Upon his resignation, Odilao assumes the responsibility to lead with Councilor Jerry Guardo. The latter oversees the Sinulog sa SRP.

The Mistake that Bongbong Marcos Avoids in Election 2022

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Bongbong Marcos on the Drug War: Learn the Facts First

drug war

By: Elena Grace Flores

The son of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Bongbong Marcos has something to say to the drug war comments of his rival, the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo. He said that when he is given a new job. He must know the facts first. This can be done by going around the agencies involved and evaluate the strategies after thorough discussions with the officials concerned. Contrary to his opinion, Robredo conducted regular press conferences to criticize the President and the alleged drug war outcome.

YouTube video by GMA News
Robredo Said that the Drug War is a Failure but PDEA Disagrees

Robredo vehemently said that the drug war is a failure. This is an insensitive comment given the fact that many men in uniform lost their lives when reprimanding criminals to minimize the illegal drugs trade. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said this recently. Region VII PDEA Director Wardley Getalla also shows all the statistics of their efforts including cannine trainings for illegal drugs inspections, port monitoring, entertainment places surveillance, and many more. He stresses that the President’s drug war is definitely on the right track to success.

The Protest is in the Hands of the Supreme Court

On Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo, he discloses that when the third course of action is acted upon, it would be very easy to surpass the lead of Robredo. The recount result has little to do with its outcome. In the end, it’s still the en banc resolution that can make or break Marcos’ plight. This makes it more difficult for Robredo. By the time this happens, the Supreme Court already has the majority of President Rodrigo Duterte’s appointees.

Life Lines Must Not be Commercialized

On water and other basic needs, Marcos insists that their administration must not be for profits. These are the life lines of the people. Government subsidies are a must when these are compromised. Needless to say, they must not be under the management of private companies.

Likely Tandem is Still a Secret

Marcos refuses to comment when pressed to answer who would be his likely tandem. He confirms that he is indeed running for a national position this elections 2022 but is holding off the announcement as to what post. He said that he has learned from former Senator Manny Pangilinan’s mistake. Pangilinan was first to announce his presidential candidacy. He also added that ex-PNoy only became a candidate in August the previous year then president in May 2010.

Different from Robredo’s Approches

The namesake of the late President Marcos clarifies that if he is in Robredo’s shoes, he would surely do things differently. He may have some ideas on how to pursue the drug war but he knows that the experts would know better at the national level. This is why the second most powerful person in the land can only help the drug war if he or she has the updates of the campaign. Instead of going against the frontline personnel, it is ideal to learn the facts to be able to strategize on how to proceed.

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The Mistake that Bongbong Marcos Avoids in Election 2022

The Mistake that Bongbong Marcos Avoids for the Elections 2022

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos recently announces in a press conference that he is indeed running for national elections in 2022. In fact, the ground work for the campaigns are already set. Ideally, it can start on the first day after the midterm election. He makes sure that he won’t commit the mistake of former Senator Manny Pangilinan who announces his presidential candidacy early on. He added that he still has to figure out which position he’s taking. Rumors had it that his likely tandem is presidential daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio.

YouTube video by CNN Philippines
Bongbong Marcos to run in 2022 elections

Sara Duterte-Carpio’s Hint for 2022

Sara Duterte-Carpio commonly known as Inday Sara, is a Filipina lawyer, politician and the incumbent Mayor of Davao City. There are many forces from the Duterte groups for her to run for president in 2022. However, t is also known that even before the 2016 polls, her father, President Rodrigo Duterte already intends to make Marcos president. In one interview, Inday Sara even said that she might run for Vice President.

Duterte-Marcos Connivance

To the surprise of many, Senator Imee Marcos, the older sister of the former Senator also agrees that the mayor is the strongest bet for president right now. She features Carpio as well in many of her publicity ads as she hurdles into relevant projects as lawmaker. The younger Marcos also frequents the events of the mayor as honorable guest in her bailiwick.

The Mistake of Manny Pangilinan and Jojo Binay

The VP Protestant echoes Pangilinan’s disclosure that he made a mistake in announcing his presidential bid a long time ago. Most veteran politicians are familiar with this strategy. Nevertheless, despite the common belief, former Vice President Jejomar Binay did the same mistake. Therefore, there were speculations that he did that on purpose. This is for the other opposition candidate, now President Duterte to survive. Thus, preventing the Liberal Party’s bet to make it to the top.

Elections 2022 or Before

The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo can also start to make noises with regards to the election protest of Marcos against her. Despite the explanations of her lawyer, many believe that it really gets difficult for her. This is because the recount result is not the sole basis of the protest. There is still another course of action which is the annulment of the questionable votes in Mindanao that can easily surpass her slim margin. Given the fact that most of the supreme court justices who would decide on the outcome are appointees of the President. So, there is a big possibility that Filipinos would just wake up with a new President already in place even before 2022.