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A blood-boiling interview: How American Media is Biased against Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It takes a lot of time to effectively explain how media propaganda contributes to ruining the country. It deprives the people with the best leaders they can ever have. Good reputations are destroyed and results to the sufferings of many. Filipinos are considered poor by their greatest ally. Despite their talents, they can never match the pay with another American doing the same job. Most Filipino writers have to use American pen names to be patronized. This is far from the friendship that we know in the Philippines. It’s more on discrimination. Examine this American media interview with the late former President Ferdinand Marcos. If your blood won’t boil, then you are not a Filipino.

Youtube video: Randyboi Dt
[VIDEO]: I have committed so many sins in my life, but stealing money from the people, from the government is not one of them. – PFM (The American interviewer’s judgmental and malicious way of interviewing overpowers Macoy’s humility?

Imelda Marcos’ 3,000 Pairs of Shoes

How often are you annoyed talking to a foreigner whose memory for the Philippines is clouded about former fist lady Imelda Marcos’ 3000 pairs of shoes? The late Ferdinand Marcos explains it well but the American interviewer is too biased to accept it. Instead, he throws questions containing unfounded allegations and not recognizing answers. He’s obviously not aware that Imelda supports Marikina shoe trade, where most of her shoes come from. Instead, he focusses on the few shoes with hefty price tags.  How many shoes do you think Jessica Parker from Sex and the City collects for the last 20 years?

Humility of a Dying Man

I have committed so many sins in my life, but stealing money from the people, from the government is not one of them; said the late President humbly. What is there to hide when you are dying? Judging from his face, this was when he was already very sickly. They ask; how can a rich man rule a poor country? Compare the Philippines before during his time than now after the reign of the American’s bet. Is the country richer now or poorer? The poor in the past are the ones living in remote areas – but they can easily get their supply for their daily living from their own plantation or livestock. Now, the poor are the ones hanging out in the streets sniffing solvent.

People are Starving in the Streets

There were already squatters during the time of Marcos. Most of them come from the provinces with their family to seek greener pasture in Manila. Obviously, the life there with all the vegetation and livestock is far different from the shanties they build along canals and rivers. They go out on the street to sell anything that they could but the begging is not as bad as now.

Where did the money come from?

Why would an interviewer assume that the Marcoses’ shopping money are from the people? Is this not looking down at a president? No wonder President Rodrigo Duterte now looks down at the American President. His sentiments are really not for President Barrack Obama but for his predecessors. Obama has remained graceful and diplomatic toward Duterte’s insults.

Indecent to spend your own money?

As an able bachelor, Marcos admits spending for luxury when he was still a senator. But it all changes when he becomes president married to Imelda Marcos. He is not defending his wife on her alleged shopping spree but explains that she dresses up according to her role. As we know, the former first lady is the envy of many. Aside from her exceptional beauty, intelligence, talent, and charisma, she is able and blessed because of the many people she helps and inspired.

Good Breeding

Imelda Marcos is not just a housewife. She has to represent the nation to make Filipinos proud. Other shopping spree allegations are fabricated. She allegedly has ab account in the Bank of the Philippines that is unlimited? There’s no such thing. The interviewer uses gossips and rumors and he obviously did not do his homework.  Better believe what Marcos says: I have committed so many sins in my life, but stealing money from the people, from the government is not one of them.

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