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Blue Ribbon Violated Section 10 of Republic Act No. 3019 – Making it Unconstitutional says Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Section 10 of the Republic Act No. 3019 under ANTI-GRAFT AND CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT clearly states that: Competent court. Until otherwise provided by law, all prosecutions under this Act shall be within the original jurisdiction of the proper Court of First Instance.

Vice President Binay has repeatedly denied allegations against him and his family, claiming his detractors who have testified before the Blue Ribbon Senate Committee have not presented evidence that would stand in the right court which is the Ombudsman. He described the allegations as part of the planned demolition job against him by his political enemies in connection with the 2016 elections.

Binay ever since declined the invitation of the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee for the reason that the ongoing investigation was not in aid of legislation and it is a violative of Binay’s Constitutional rights being a Human Rights lawyer himself.

Binay initially inclined to give in to the invitation and subject himself to the hearing conducted by the Blue Ribbon committee but he cannot deny the fact that it was not the task of the legislature to investigate the culpability of government officials and any wrong doing but to make laws as mandated by the constitution.
Source: GMA News

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