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Bohol Deserves the DBP Loans after Showing that PBBM’s Hands-on Approach to Agriculture Works


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bohol debunks criticisms against PBBM with the 19 Pesos Rice

Bohol Deserves the Loans

DBP provides loans to farmers in Bohol. Development Bank of the Philippines under the government extends more than P200 million in credit support to rice farmers. This is for them to raise their output. They distribute their rice through Kadiwa centers, the project of former Imelda Marcos during the Marcos regime. So, the result is 19 Pesos per kilo for ordinary rice even before PBBM’s official stint as President.

PBBM is Hands-on Agriculture

The Pinklawans criticisms boomerang to them. They underestimated PBBM’s decision to handle Agriculture for the time being. But Bohol is already ahead of them. Their 19 Pesos per kilo rice is already on the market. This only shows that PBBM knows what he’s talking about when he promised to bring down the price of rice to 20. The loans given during the Duterte administration and the Kadiwa system are clear evidence of the Marcos-Duterte lear alliance.

It can be Done

The agriculture sector is the beneficiary of many foreign financial aids. The Pinklawans are more concerned about corruption than to provide an afforable staple food to the people. Going forward, the government provides the capital, technology, and manages distribution for rice. The farmers can only produce. So, the 20 pesos per kilo is very possible.

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